24+ Drapes Designs for Living Room Ideas

24+ Drapes Designs for Living Room Ideas – Drape or more often said as the curtain is the must ornament in homes. The design and color of the drape are usually adjusted with the room interior. Don’t forget that the material of the drape influences the visual of the room. Even, the length will influence the appearance of the room in terms of the proportionality.

Let’s talk about the concept of this living room first. This living room theme is close to nature. The material of furniture in this living room is filled with woods and rattan. The material of drape that is light and sheer is suitable for the white nuanced and organic theme like this.

Practically, this living room has the same concept as the previous one. The flooring in this living room has a herringbone pattern. Meanwhile, the owner tries to use the drape that contrasts with the organic theme. The curtains are two layered with blue one as the upper layer.

The color concept in this living room is parted into two. Both the sandy and greenish color are earth colors. The color of the curtain has a different tone as the sofa, and the color is lighter.

What can you feel from this living room? It has a very classic theme. Its classic and vintage atmosphere is so warming. The curtains itself is beautiful with a horizontal cover in the upper part. Its color is grey with a hint of light green.

This living room has a single area for the windows. The windows itself consists of four parts. The material of the curtain is silky, hence it looks a bit shiny. The color of the drape itself is harmonious with the overall interior.

Usage of the curtain is not a must. Many of us don’t use any drape in their living room. The only reason is, to release any obstruction for seeing the scenery. Especially if your home surrounding is wonderful.

If you know how the imperial houses are, the drapes are about like this. The design is not simple. If we focus on these curtains, there are accents in the upper part and they have many tassels.

Maybe this kind of curtain design is rather uncommon. At the top of the curtain, there is a heading as a cover. Hence, the curtains look neater. The gigantic curtain itself makes the room looks grandiose.

Maybe this kind of curtain is the most often you can find. There is a hook that links the curtain to the wall. Therefore, the curtain has certain shape and is neater.

The good thing about having an eclectic room is, you can choose just anything for the curtain. Like this greyish blue curtain which contrasts to the wall. Its silky look is also aesthetic.

The design and length of the curtain support the look of the living room. Yet, don’t bother whether you must use the curtain or not. Just adjust with your living room decoration to decide.

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