24+ Dining Chair Makeover Tips

24+ Dining Chair Makeover Tips – Doing the makeover for your furniture is not a bad idea. Especially for the furniture that is used for so many times like the dining chair. The often used furniture will easier to get dull. So, doing some makeover for them is a really nice idea. There are several benefits of doing a makeover for your furniture.
One, doing makeover will create a new and refreshing nuance. Second, the maintenance will make them last longer. Third, if you plan to sell it, the high maintained furniture has great bargain cost. If you think that handing the makeover to the expert costs a lot, you can do it by yourself. You can do the upcycle dining chair with some inspiring tips below.
To re-upholster the dining chairs, you need to spare your time for about half a day. So, it is better to do it on the weekend or on your holiday. If you have someone to help, it might last sooner. First, you need to prepare all the equipment and materials, including the paint. After you prepare all the equipment and materials, then, you need to dismantle the chair. It will make you easier in the next process.
Next, after you finish the dismantling, you can clean the dining chairs. After you clean them, you need to sandpaper it. The sandpapering is advantageous for smoothing the surface. At the end of the sandpapering, if you look there are some holes or uneven surface, you can give the wood filler. Basically, these steps are similar to the cabinet make-over.

If you finish with them, then you can move to paint it. For the paint color, there are many types of paint color in the market. You have to review them according to the ingredients and pros cons. While you are waiting for them dry, you can move to the upholster step. You can attach the fabric with the staple gun. Make sure that the under part is neat before you reassemble it. Isn’t it easy?
Despite the process, there are several recommendations for choosing the chair upholstery or the fabric. The first is the material. Choose the material that is easy to clean. Second, choose the material that is strong enough. We mean by strong hear is not easily scratched, durable, and thick enough. The third, choose the material that looks elegant like velvet or leather.
When you choose the pattern of the fabric, you need to adjust with the paint color of the chairs. You also need to adjust with the room decor. We can sum up, in the dining chair upcycle, there are several things to concern. The first is cleaning before re-upholstering. Second, the color and ingredients of the paint colors. Third, the material of the fabric.
You need to make sure the paint color and the fabric have the harmonious color or pattern. The last, choose the fabric material that is easy to clean and durable. After you do the whole process, you will realize that doing the makeover for your home can invite satisfaction for yourself.

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