23+ Appealing Laundry Room Layout Ideas

23+ Appealing Laundry Room Layout Ideas – Although the laundry room is a space for doing a household needs, its design should not be underestimated. Don’t forget that the design or layout of a room can influence our mood. If you don’t want to feel lazy doing the washing things, you need to consider the ideas about laundry room decor.

Since the laundry room commonly doesn’t get extra space, we will share some small laundry room ideas. For the small space, the most important thing is the wall painting. It is because the wall painting is like the frame of a room. It is the most seen in a room since it is also the biggest part.

For the laundry room paint colors, we can adjust it with the size of the space. For a small laundry room, it’s better to use bright paint colors like white. But we also recommend you to use the wall tiles since this area might get stains. The other bright paint colors that might interest you are light blue or light pastel. But we also recommend you to use the wallpaper to make the room looks more attractive.

About the laundry room cabinets, of course, you need to adjust the colors and designs as the paint colors. Since the cabinets will spend lots area, we encourage you to have the cabinets with bright colors also. It is better to have them in white or neutral colors like light grey or nudes. For the amount of the cabinets, it depends on your need. Some of us keep other things like dirty clothes or just washed shoes there. So, if you are going to keep things other than the washing supports, you should place cabinets all around the laundry room.

If you might know about the Ikea laundry room, they provide a neat and clean style about the laundry room. Since it is a laundry room, we are going to use it only on certain occasions, so it’s better to keep them simple. We need to tend to the function and laundry room organization instead of the decorations. That’s how the Ikea does. It accentuates the organization. Some of their design shows the open storage, but the arrangement is also very neat and even look chic.

The next is about the laundry room sink. Since you will not really depend on it, it’s better to have the small laundry room sink instead of the big one. Mostly they are produced in a small and simple square shape. If there is a room under the sink, you can manage it as the place for dustbin or anything useful.

Other tips that might beautify your laundry room are, first the floor tile. It’s good to create an accent on the floor by using the patterned tiles. It’s better to have the unique pattern with deep color tones in preventing stains from being seen. From these ideas, for sure you can create your own with a very aesthetic look. Good luck!

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