22+ Useful Tips to Do the Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

22+ Useful Tips to Do the Kitchen Cabinet Makeover – Instead of allocating the budget to purchase new, in certain stuff you don’t have to do that. In the durable stuff like cupboard or table or cabinets, when you feel that you need a better version of them, you can do some remodel instead of purchasing the new one. That’s why to help some of you getting an update kitchen cabinet, you can follow the tips we will share below.

To redo the kitchen cabinets, you need to spend a little budget. But, you have to give more energy and time. So, we encourage you to do this on the holiday or at least during the weekend. It might spend more than a day yet less than three days. Doing it by yourself may make you feel drained and bored and so tired. Hence, you may feel to stop in the middle of the process. That’s why we encourage you to redo kitchen cabinets together.

Since the topic, today is about how to paint kitchen cabinets. You have to follow step by step orderly. And should be taken to note that the tips we share are general. If you find that you don’t have to follow certain steps for your cabinet, you can skip it. Okay, the first, you need to segment the cabinets. This step will make you easier to clean and paint for sure. The painting result of the segmented cabinet is also evener.

The next step, the most important, the cleaning. The gloomy cabinets will stay gloomy even after you paint it, you won’t get the color comes out maximally. In this cleaning process, you may need some detergent and after that, you have to rinse them. Don’t be rush and wait for it till dry. The next, you need to sand it. This is effective to create a smooth and even surface. Oh yes, don’t forget to use the gloves for the whole process.

Then, prime it. This step is beneficial for making the coat is a sticker. For some paint types, the sanding and priming process is skipped. But, if your cabinet will need this, the priming will make the color is more stunning. The surface of the cabinet will look sleeker with the prime. After this, you have to concern whether there is an uneven surface like small holes or anything. If there are any, you can use the wood filler to make them look smooth.

Then, the last part that might take longest is painting. Why it might take the longest? It is important for you to know that the coat is not enough. For some paints, you need only two coats. Yet, for some, you may need three to four. And the last, to make the looks durable, you can seal it. Finish. These steps are actually quite easy, right? Be patient with the process because patience will bring you to satisfaction. And good luck with the job!

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