22+ Design Options for Your Custom Stairs

22+ Design Options for Your Custom Stairs – Although it seems cliche, the design of the stairs is very essential to concern. We should not merely concern about the aesthetic only. But, the design of runners and pickets and everything. Maybe, the most sophisticated stairway design can be seen in films. You know the split staircase that usually appears in imperial theme movie, always looks grandiose.

In some occasions, maybe you can find a unique staircase in, of course, a unique home. Some creative people use the unconventional staircase in their home, that even cannot be called a staircase. There are examples where the design of the staircase is removed with the slide. So, the owner doesn’t need to move their feet a bit from the up floor to floor beneath. But of course, it can function only to go down, not up.

In small houses, the staircase is beneficial in supporting the platform level. So, the owner can create the platform room inside his or her small house. Talking about the custom staircase, of course, you cannot release it from the home interior design itself. Hence, before the process of making a custom staircase, the first thing you need to do is to adjust the staircase design with home decor.

There are several stairs design that you need to know. The most common one is straight stairs. Then, there is straight stair with central landing, L shaped stairs, U shaped stairs, winder stairs, spiral stairs, curved stairs, and ladders. Each of them has pros and cons. Of course, before applying one of them for your house, you need to know every pros and con. Moreover, not all of them are compatible with certain home size.

Besides the design itself, you need to concern about several things. If you live together with your children, you need to choose the design that will be safe for them. So, the spiral stair is not recommended. The ladder one is still recommended for kids, but not the high one. And of course, the material should be safe for them. For example, made from the plastic. The ladder type staircase is also very recommended for a single floor house that has a platform area.

About the stairs design, some things should be included from the concern. First, is the tightness of the runners. You need to make sure that they are not so tight, because tight runners will create a higher risk of unnoticeable when you are in a hurry. For the pickets, you can freely choose between the wood or iron. Whatever you choose, choose the one that will not get cracked or corrode easily.

If you want to make the staircase more functional, you can make a breakthrough by using the staircase for storage also. Whether your home is big or small, the storage in the staircase looks authentic. You can store shoes or books there. From these tips, we hope you get an ideal design of the stairway for your home. Don’t forget that safety should come first.

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