21+ Beautifying Your Small Bathroom with Shiplap Wall

21+ Beautifying Your Small Bathroom with Shiplap Wall – There are many ways of bathroom remodeling. Remodeling or doing makeover to your bathroom doesn’t urge you to dismantle the whole bathroom. You just need to give a different touch here and there that will make the whole bathroom looks different. So, the key is, you have to create a simple improvement that boosts the look of your bathroom.

Don’t worry about anything, we will help you with a small bathroom remodel idea which is so easy. The idea is the application of the plank wall. The plank wall here is decoration which is commonly found in the farmhouse bathroom, classic bathroom, or vintage bathroom. The plank wall is commonly called the shiplap.

Hence, what we are talking about here is the idea of the shiplap bathroom wall. The idea of shiplap indeed can remind you of the ship bathroom décor. There are several ideas of shiplap for the bathroom. The first is the shiplap as the accent wall. Which means the shiplap is located on a side of the wall. For this way, the shiplap commonly is behind the closet.

The second one is the shiplap for half of the bathroom wall. This way meanwhile, unlike the previous one. The shiplap covers half of the wall all over the room. It generally covers the half under. There are some interesting ways of decorating the half shiplap wall like this. The first is the ordinary wall painting, the other one is the combination of shiplap with the patterned wallpaper. And the last is the combination of half shiplap wall with the patterned tiles.

Should be noted that the kind of shiplap which has another combination generally comes with the neutral colors like deep grey, white, navy, etc. As well as the wall tiles or wallpaper that accompanies the shiplap, all of them are commonly have neutral colors. It’s hard to find the combination for the shiplap bathroom with vibrant color.

The last, the way of applying shiplap is the total cover. What it means by the total cover is, the shiplap is used to cover all over the room. This kind of shiplap really supports you to create a rustic or farmhouse bathroom. While the half shiplap will also. Yet, don’t think about creating a farmhouse bathroom or vintage bathroom with a composition of shiplap and vibrant wall.

The concept of the shiplap powder room is very common. It makes a totally lovely and cute bathroom concept. To support the shiplap concept, it is better to use the furniture and decoration theme that suits it. Instead of using the glamorous vanity design, it is better to use the wooden vanity with the antique or any design as long as it suits the shiplap.

The good thing about creating shiplap is, it can be done by anyone. So you don’t necessarily ask the expert to install it. With some technique and tutorial, you or your family can do it. So, are you ready to remodel your bathroom?

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