19+ Best Interior Architecture Designs for 2019

19+ Best Interior Architecture Designs for 2019 – When meeting a New Year, some of us plan to redecorate the home. Doing the makeover or at least cleaning our surroundings will bring many positives. It can improve our self-esteem. Looking for a new nuance can also bring up our mood. Not only that, during the process of re-decorating the home, we can develop our creativity.

If the home makeover or building a home is your agenda for this year, congratulations. Besides of the positives we mentioned above, we will share some trends that will hit in this 2019. Facing this New Year, we meet again with several trends that are similar to the previous year. However, we also meet with the trends that are totally different from 2018.

For the interior design styles, you might meet with the earthy design again. How come is it? It is because the wooden material is back again. In 2019, the wooden nuance is even more intense. So, the earthy interior might come to us again. Interestingly, the intense wooden element comes at the right time, because this year, the more plants also hit the stage.

We saw in the previous year that greeneries start to be the main décor. And in this year, the greeneries inside the room are predicted to come with more intense existence. It might quite influence office interior design. It is also supported by climate change that makes the weather worse. So, people may consider that the intense greeneries inside the office is needed.

For the home or apartment interior design, the prediction says that the bohemian style will back again. This year, the minimalism and being maximum come neck to neck. Being maximum is not only for the greeneries but also for the colors and decoration. The bold color will start to make its signature in a various building like an apartment or office or anything.

This year, people are more aware of being artsy. Besides the eclectic of bohemian style, the art deco is back. This year, the trend comes in a wide range. From the matte finish to the terrazzo, several contrast looks can present in the same area. Especially for the living room interior design, you can play with many things from the trends of 2019.

For the living room, you can pick some accent features like bold paint color, the velvet sofa, art deco decorations, the curved furniture, and many more. It seems that this year, you can be free with various types of designs and place them in the same room. If you want to make a change on a big scale for your home, you can start with the wall décor. The floral wall décor this year is also the trend.

For the bedroom interior design, the canopy bed will make a comeback. If you want to make it looks stunning, you can place it inside the bohemian bedroom or floral wall. Among these trends, which one will you pick for your home?

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