14+ Nailing a Minibar in Your Garage

14+ Nailing a Minibar in Your Garage – How the title above sounds? Do you think that making a mini bar in the garage is possible? The answer is yes, it is. Even if you only have a very narrow space, it is very possible. All you needs is to see this post and some creativity.

This garage bar is a nice idea of creating your own man cave. Although the bar is quite minimalist. The wooden nuance is able to present the rustic design. This simple concept can support your pleasing man cave.

This is not only an example of DIY garage bar, yet also an example of a nice budget DIY mini bar. This mini bar is easy to create. You just need to purchase the additional chairs and decoration like this American flag. Then, you will have your own man cave.

This garage mini bar is very possible to create. This mini bar can be your low budget man cave. The table is made from iron and wood, the materials that are very easy to find. You just need to hang several shelf and decorations to create a DIY man cave.

Even if you don’t place any decorations, as long as the mini bar has the facility like this, it is enough. This mini bar can be your favorite man cave. We recommend you to decorate your man cave with metallic furniture like this to get the masculine impression.

This man cave stuns out its style over facilities. A man cave can be a signature of yourself. You can adopt this kind of idea by having your man cave sign or a certain style. For this man cave, it is signed with strong British decorations.

The rustic style man cave is one of the most popular men cave bar concepts. The rustic style here is signed with the antler and wooden furniture. The LED lamp is a good idea of decorating a bar like in the movies.

This man cave has a distinctive decoration. You might try this one, too. It’s easy though. The owner places his jerseys collections on the wall. This sporty caveman is like a combination of rustic and sporty concept.

What you need to create a sporty man cave is color composition. The color composition that represents a certain sport is very important. Once you use the certain football team color for example, with additional decorations will create perfection.

The things that make this man cave basement looks authentic are its noisy decorations itself. Because of this noisy decorations also, this man cave looks masculine. It is also unique for its self- help mini bar.

The last, don’t forget to add an exciting mini-game for your man cave bar. It can kill the boredom as well as an attractive decoration. This kind of game can be handmade, though.

Man cave bar can be your most favorite place at the home. So, design it just as you want. Don’t forget to add some attractive games to create excitement.

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