10+Decorations for College Apartment

10+Decorations for College Apartment – A college apartment is common with simple design. It is because the students need the apartment only for important functions. Many of them neglect the design as long as they can get the main benefits from a house. However, actually there are many types of college apartment with various design, let’s take a look.

college apartment wall decor aergd

1. In the first college apartment, the biggest room is the bedroom. This apartment is divided into two main parts. The dining room area in this apartment is a sharing the area with the computer desk. The design of this college apartment is an ethnic concept.

college apartment wall decor dmrtf

2. In number two, this college apartment is quite small, but the furniture arrangement is nice so this apartment still looks beautiful. This apartment is designed with the Tumblr decoration that is shown through the furniture and the wall decoration.

college apartment wall decor dvhij

3. In number three, the picture shows the living room area. This apartment seems quite big, with the interior of the apartment is really simple. The big window on the wall makes this apartment is interesting because the owner can see the amazing view.

college apartment wall decor ersdh

4. The college apartment number four has a cozy concept. As we see in the picture that the wall is all painted in white and there is only a single decoration on the wall. Interestingly, the mini dining room and bed are placed near the window. The outside view is also amazing.

college apartment wall decor fvhbf

5. The next, in the fifth picture, we see the college apartment that is commonly found. This college apartment has double beds and a single shelf in the middle. The wall design is also really simple, which is only a single quote on the wall.

college apartment wall decor hfhgh

6. The number six, this college apartment has a wide area. It is shown from the work area and living room. This apartment is designed in modern concept with the minimalist decoration on the wall.

college apartment wall decor nebgrd

7. The college room number seven is also very simple and standard. Like the common college apartment, this apartment is designed with the bedroom as the main area. And like the common apartment also, the wall is painted in white and decorated with several objects.

college apartment wall decor thddx

8. The college apartment number eight has a very unique design. The cabinet in this room has an ethnic design. Meanwhile, in the bedroom area, the design is modern. The blue decoration in the bedroom is very interesting.

college apartment wall decor thgdf

9. In number nine, this college apartment has a standard design. There are a single bed and a work desk that face the window. And at the back of the bed, there is a multifunctional shelf that can be used as the place to keep clothes and books.

college apartment wall decor yhfvgg

10. The last is an example of a premium college apartment.  This college apartment has a master bedroom with a big cupboard and a long cabinet.

As we saw that there are actually many types of a college apartment. The standard college apartment commonly consists of a single bed, a work desk, and a multifunctional shelf. Meanwhile, the premium one has a bigger area and more facilities.

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