10+ Your Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

10+ Your Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas –Just like the adult, the teen or kids bedroom is also designed mostly according to their interest and characteristic. Our bedroom surely should tell who we are, not only for providing our need. The teen bedroom commonly has brighter color selections than adults. It is because the older we are, usually we also get simpler. But, let’s see these teen bedroom decorations before we speculate.

teenage bedroom furniture bghgf

1.This bedroom has a young and fresh look. It is due to the light purple decoration. The multilevel bed like this is also a characteristic of a sibling bedroom. The interesting aspect about the multilevel bed is the cupboard and the shelf feature.

teenage bedroom furniture dgtyt

2. Another characteristic that identifies a teen bedroom is the work desk. The work desk cannot be separated from the students. The simple decoration with the combination of brown and white makes this room looks neat and clean.

teenage bedroom furniture gbhgh

3. This bedroom tries to show the nautical theme slightly. Although overall this bedroom is very simple and modern, the light blue and navy colors here quite enough in impressing nautical theme, especially with the coastal decoration in the corner.

teenage bedroom furniture gdgtr

4. Retro is the main concept in this bedroom. That is very clearly expressed by the retro furniture style even though it is painted in a very light grey. The furniture style is very obvious for its unusual 1960s-19270s pop design. However, even though the retro look is a bit vague, the colorful decorations and various pattern here helps to tell the theme.

teenage bedroom furniture gfchb

5. It seems that this teen likes surfing very much. It is proven by the various surfing decorations on the wall. Uniquely this bedroom combines two different concepts of the wall, in which the one is industrial and another is simply white.

teenage bedroom furniture gfftr

6. The modern pop design is what this bedroom tries to say. The modern concept is very obvious from the metropolitan wallpaper. Meanwhile, the young vibe is expressed by the pop decorations like the yellow boxes, colorful pillows, and the transparent chair.

teenage bedroom furniture ghsry

7. The love for music is very seen in this bedroom. It is expressed by the musical equipment like vinyl on the wall. This bedroom has a bit masculine nuance for its simple dark brown furniture and the blue decoration.

teenage bedroom furniture hgjuy

8. This bedroom has a very today decoration because of its wall decorations. These kind of patterns are very popular these days. The combination of light blue and soft pink is also very beautiful here. The accent of the vintage furniture create a pure look in this bedroom, and it is accentuated by the live plant.

teenage bedroom furniture nfghh

9. It should be argued that the classic style furniture is very identical with the girl bedroom. The furniture in this bedroom has a very nice look for its gold color. Not only that, the purple color here is a nice mix.

teenage bedroom furniture nhfhg

10. The vintage and natural nuance are well spoken through the black furniture here. For the teens, the black color should be combined with a brighter color like in this bedroom to create a younger look.

Looking at these bedrooms, in fact, the teenage bedrooms also have an interesting design just like the adult bedroom. However, should be noticed that the teenage bedroom is identical for its bright color nuance.

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