10+ Wooden Furniture for Home Design

10+ Wooden Furniture for Home Design – We surely know that wooden furniture is very common to be used. The wooden furniture doesn’t only look nice, but it also gives a certain accent to a room, that’s why in many home decorations the wooden element is combined with other materials. For the examples, let’s just see some designs below.

wood living room set bfzdn

1. In this home, since the home area is not really big, the living room and the dining room are combined together. Furthermore, as you see in this picture that this room is dense with the wooden furniture. The wooden furniture here is nicely combined with the yellow and white color.

wood living room set dbeae

2. The wooden furniture doesn’t always come with its natural color. For example is what happens in this furniture. This dining room has the uniformed dining table and the drawer. This furniture is a nice team for this dining room.

wood living room set dbeet

3. This modern apartment has a contrasting concept of the living room. The sofa in this living room has the vintage concept that is shown through its framed design. The leather black cover also accentuates the vintage concept of this living room.

wood living room set dbnes

4. The ethnic theme is clearly seen in this dining room. The ethnic theme is shown through the cupboard and the dining table design. The huge window in this dining room meanwhile, is in contrast with the furniture concept, it has a modern concept.

wood living room set dfbet

5. This living room gets very proportional light thanks to the windows. Moreover, its view is really nice and makes this living room is worth to stay. The furniture of this living room itself is thick of modern design, especially the simple tables and the sofa.

wood living room set fgnst

6. The sofa of this living room has a very functional and unique design. The functional and unique design is gotten from the tables on each side of this sofa. This makes this sofa is a perfect place to lazy around. Moreover, its wooden element is harmonious with the floor material.

wood living room set hbsrs

7. Maybe the countryside theme is the perfect title for this dining room. The countryside concept is obvious through the wall decoration and the furniture design. The dining table set and the cupboard really accentuates the country-ancient feeling.

wood living room set rdhba

8. Even though this living room has monochrome nuance, it doesn’t have the typical monochrome concept. If the common monochrome concept is modern or simple, this monochrome dining room has a vintage concept through its furniture design.

wood living room set thbey

9. The combination of green wall and the wooden material is a pretty view in this dining room. Many people don’t dare enough to combine wooden material with the colored wall, however, the owner of this living room creatively partners them.

wood living room set thdba

10. It is for sure that the most interesting part in this living room is the chandelier. This chandelier is a perfect partner for this wooden dining table.

The wooden furniture looks very ethnic and cool, right? The wooden furniture, moreover, is very suitable for any room designs, therefore, it is also quite flexible for any wall color.  

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