10+ Wooden Flower Wall Decorations

10+ Wooden Flower Wall Decorations – One of the most common shapes of wall decoration is the flower. The decoration in the shape of a flower is evenly found everywhere, from the printed picture, painting, or carved decoration. The carved decoration in the shape of a flower is indeed aesthetic. That’s where we will discuss the wooden flower decoration.

wood flower wall decor aevuu

1. In number one, we are presented with a layered flower decoration. This decoration consists of two layers and the first layer is much smaller than the layer at the back. Each layer is made from the wood, but the first layer is painted in silver.

wood flower wall decor dbrths

2. In number two, we are also presented with the layered flower decoration. However, unlike the first decoration that all layers are made from the wood. This flower decoration is made from different material each. The smaller flower is made from metal while at the back is made from the wood.

wood flower wall decor eghhg

3. The number three is the carved sunflowers inside a wooden frame. This decoration is very unique because whether the flower and the frames are both made from the wood.

wood flower wall decor sebys

4. In the next the number four, we see the flower decoration with a bird. This decoration is also simple and not really big. The wooden material here moreover. Is polished.

wood flower wall decor sethu

5. In number five, we find the flower decoration that consists of two frames. Each frame has the same kind of flower. Interestingly, the flowers here are having three colors which are blue, orange, and a cream. Again, this decoration looks different because the flowers are transparent.

wood flower wall decor sevyy

6. The next is the cherry blossom wooden decoration. This decoration is really simple and mini. This wooden flower decoration specifically is in the shape of cherry blossom. The middle of this wooden decoration is also carved.

wood flower wall decor shhse

7. The number seven is the wooden flower decoration in the shape of a rose. This wooden flower decoration is polished, therefore it creates such a color like this. The polished wood and unpolished wood create the different color effect.

wood flower wall decor srtbh

8. In number eight, the wooden flower decoration is combined with the iron material. The wood material is used as the material that shapes the flower petals. Meanwhile, the frame, branch, and the leaves are all made from the metal.

wood flower wall decor wevyy

9. The next in number nine, we also find a wooden flower decoration that is ornamented with a bird. This decoration is polished so it has the dense brown color.

wood flower wall decor ybyyw

10. And the last we have a wooden flower decoration that is decorated with several patterns. The flower itself is located right in the middle of the frame and painted in black. Then, this flower is surrounded with leaves that each consists of a different pattern. The frame of this decoration is also painted in black.

As we see that a flower decoration is flexible enough to be used in any home theme. That’s why the flower-shaped decoration is easy to find. Almost in every home, there will always at least one flower shaped decoration.

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