10+ Wooden Cabin Decoration Ideas

10+ Wooden Cabin Decoration Ideas – The log is one of the main elements in building a home. The log is a presentable building material. Why is it so? Because the log has a nice surface appearance that can be used as the decoration. The log as the building material makes a building looks very homely and inside the room, it feels cool. The several cabins here are the examples of why the log is a dependable material.

log cabin wall decor bdryj

1. This cabin looks so nice, isn’t it? This cabin combines three elements on the wall which are the wood, the stone, and the tiles. All these three elements are arranged according to the function of each area.

log cabin wall decor duwrbu

2. Undoubtedly the mountainous house is mostly dominated with the wooden element, as we see in this home design. In the house, the only stone element is used in the area of the fireplace, while the wall, ceiling, and floor all use the wooden material.

log cabin wall decor dydjd

3. In number three, the house is very close to nature as we see in the scenery outside the window. In this house, the wall is less but changed with the wooden pillars. The windows are more dominating this house.

log cabin wall decor hvvkff

4. Like the house that is located on the mountain, this house is typically mountainous house. This house is made from the wooden material in a whole. The wall is decorated very minimalist with only two screens and a picture in every side.

log cabin wall decor nrdyu

5. We see that the house in the picture has a very cozy design. This house has a minimalist partition, but the wall area is maximized. For example is the interesting corner of the fireplace, besides functioned as the fireplace, this area is also used as the place of the decorations.

log cabin wall decor ntyyx

6. In number six, besides the house has a mountainous design, it also has a rather masculine decoration. The masculine decoration is seen through the animal bones decoration in the area of the fireplace, and the rug that is made from the animal skin.

log cabin wall decor rniui

7. In number seven, the inn is very multifunction. The most interesting side is the area of the dishwasher. This area combines the metal and wooden material. This area is also decorated with a picture.

log cabin wall decor rntub

8. In number eight we still meet the mountainous living room which seems to be a part of a lodging. The owner maximizes the scenery by applying windows all over the wall. The decoration is also very minimalist and the most unique part is the fireplace.

log cabin wall decor srtby

9. The house in the woods is indeed very interesting. The owner nicely benefits a wall side that has the most beautiful scenery. The ceiling is very interesting with the shape like an attic, more interestingly is the windowed wall itself.

log cabin wall decor trjtri

10. In this bedroom, it has a very amazing view. The wall of this bedroom is very attractive because it is dominated by the windows.

Like we saw above that mountainous houses are dominated with the wooden material. The wooden material itself does feel cool in the summer but doesn’t feel cold in the winter. That’s why the mountainous homeowner loves to use this material.  

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