10+ White Mirrors for Wall Decorations

10+ White Mirrors for Wall Decorations – Mirror has its own aesthetic as the home ornament. That’s why almost in every place in the house, there will be decorative mirrors. The decorative mirror can also give certain impressions for the home. The mirror is the beautifier as the complement of a wall. In a certain area in a home, it is impossible if there is no mirror. And here we will focus on the certain color type of mirror which is the white mirror.

white decorative wall mirror bnhyje

1. The first is the round mirror in the bathroom. This round mirror reflects another angle in a room and its ornament is like crystal. This white mirror is harmonious with the bathroom concept that is also dominated by the white color.

white decorative wall mirror brtyyy

2. In this second mirror, this mirror reminds us about the window in the boat. The window in the boat is usually round like this with lining design like this. This mirror looks antique and natural because it has undone polish.

white decorative wall mirror bstghg

3. The third is the classical mirror. Surely you often this kind of mirror which has the square shape and classic ornament. The ornament is craved and it is dimensional. Uniquely, this mirror is not hung but placed on the floor near the stair.

white decorative wall mirror bstry

4. The fourth is the white mirror in the dining room. As you see that this dining room is quite small. However, this mirror supports the room size by creating the optical illusion of reflecting another angle. It makes the room looks bigger.

white decorative wall mirror bstry

5. The fifth is the mirror for the press room. This mirror height is as the same as a person height. So, it helps the owner to see the appearance from head to toe. The design of this mirror is traditional, so it suits the classic room theme.

white decorative wall mirror drtyuu

6. The mirror number six has a very unique shape although it has a simple design. This room looks nice for the monochromatic room concept or simple room concept. With the simple decoration like shown in this picture, this corner already looks nice.

white decorative wall mirror gfudu

7. The seventh mirror is also around mirror. This mirror uniquely has a convex mirror. The edge frame is white with no ornament.

white decorative wall mirror sebty

8. The number eight is also the classical mirror. Yet, this mirror is different from the third mirror because the design is simpler and the mirror number three is more dimensional. In this decoration, the mirror is the main interest of the corner.

white decorative wall mirror sgvhh

9. The ninth mirror is also simple. Its shape is rectangular with the steel curves in every corner. This kind of mirror design is nice for a place like a bathroom because its size is not really big.

white decorative wall mirror stryvw

10. The tenth white mirror is very unique and aesthetic because it reminds us of the traditional Chinese mirror. Yes, this mirror has an oriental design with ethnic shape and lining.

Like you see above, these white mirrors complete the room that has match design. Therefore, you need to choose the mirror that has the matching color with the room you want to decorate.

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