10+ Ways to Design Office Home

10+ Ways to Design Office Home – Getting a big home that can also accommodate space for our office is not easy right now. Many people indeed choose to have the office in their home these days, because it is easier to work from home and meeting our client at home. Since working today is more flexible, how if we see some of the office decoration right now?

office furniture for home btsku

1. Even though the office space is not really big, this home is proportional enough to accommodate the working space. Moreover, the design of this working space is also very interesting. The most interesting itself is the wall decoration in each side.

office furniture for home dbsrt

2. This working space has a really cool design because of the Prussian blue nuance. Moreover, the decoration on the wall and the wooden furniture are really aesthetic for this working space. The green plants also make this room looks fresher.

office furniture for home etntr

3. Maybe the industrial concept is the most appropriate for this working space. The industrial nuance is clearly seen from the ceiling design and the furniture shape. The wooden furniture and the iron furniture are aesthetically combined in this working space.

office furniture for home fyjrs

4. If you don’t have enough space for the meeting room, you can benefit your living room as well as the meeting room like this. Therefore, you just need to place the work desk near it. This working space has a nice blue color that is partnered with nature nuance.

office furniture for home gcnfs

5. If you want to make your working space as simple as it can, you can apply this idea. This working space is really simple with the white interior design and the iron material of furniture. The industrial nuance is really thick in this working space.

office furniture for home gvrse

6. It is very important to make your working space as cozy as it can. This working space, for example, it has a fireplace and the living room that is beneficial to welcome the clients. The wallboard can also benefit as the decoration place or attaching notes.

office furniture for home rbeea

7. This working space is designed with the nuance of flora theme as we see through the wallpaper and the plant decoration. The wallboard in this working space is really attractive. Moreover, the reading corner in this working space is very interesting.

office furniture for home syjsr

8. If you have enough space dividing the bedroom and the working space, you can make it like this. The working space in this house has enough area for the meeting area also. Moreover, this working space is completed with a cupboard.

office furniture for home thnbe

9. Many of us intentionally creating an area for working at the home. This working space can also be used as the private room, so when you need to be alone and reading, this place can accommodate it.

office furniture for home tjrsa

10. Many urban apartments have less area, therefore you need to cleverly arrange the room. For example is this apartment, it has a working desk that is attached to the living room sofa to welcome the guest.

What’s your opinion? There are many interesting working spaces, right? These examples can inspire you to create the working space whether with any area size.   

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