10+ Water Plant Decorations

10+ Water Plant Decorations – The plant is one of many options of home decorations. People love plants as the home decorations because of several reasons. For examples, the plant can make the house looks fresh. It is indeed seeing the green object also makes the eyes fresh. Then, the plant can also absorb pollutant, so it keeps the air surround us clear. Interestingly, today people create many shapes of unique glass pot that makes the plant is more eye-catching, and we will focus just only on water plants.

air plant wall decor buuue

1. The number one is the glass jar pot. In this plant decoration, the shape of the glass pot is very unique. It has a round shape and hung on the wall. The transparent model makes us able to see the inner part.

air plant wall decor ievtl

2. In number two, we find an interesting water plant decoration. This decoration is actually very easy to make. You can use the unused jam jars as the pot. Uniquely, these pots are twisted with the rope and hung on the handler. The stones inside the jar also make this looks beautiful.

air plant wall decor rstuww

3. In number three, we see very interesting ideas for the window area. The water plants here are planted inside three glass vases. These three then are hung with the rope with different height. This makes a certain angle beautiful.

air plant wall decor srthj

4. The next, in number four we find interesting plants pot. These pots are made with only the iron frames. Therefore, the plants are able to crawl outside the frames.

air plant wall decor wbyrr

5. In number five, we still find the round vases. These round vases are also made from the glass, so they are transparent. Beautifully, the kind of the plants is the one that has long branch and crawling outside the vases.

air plant wall decor wevgw

6. The water plants and the round glass vases are obviously never boring. Like what we see in this picture, you can decorate the glass vases with different water plants in each.

air plant wall decor weyww

7. In number seven, the glass vases are very unique. The shape is rectangular and hung in a sideways. Therefore, the plants also grow in sideways. The unique placement, like this, will make the wall doesn’t look plain.

air plant wall decor wreyww

8. In number eight, the glass vases are also rectangular, but these vases are placed straightly. In these cases, there are several kinds of plants. The colors of the plants are also varied, it makes this certain corner looks more colorful.

air plant wall decor wvyhuu

9. In number six, we find symmetrical six sides vases on the wall. These glass vases are also unique because this kind of shape is quite distinctive.

air plant wall decor wyrre

10. In the last number, we can make these water plants decorations by ourselves. These decorations are very easy to make. You just need to prepare two glasses and place the water plants inside.

As we see from the article above that water plant is very interesting as the home decoration. It is supported by many interesting glass pots. What makes the water plant decoration is unique is the shape of the glass pot itself and the root that is able to be seen.

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