10+ Vintage Industrial Home Decor

10+ Vintage Industrial Home Decor – The industrial decoration is very popularly used by millennials. The decoration is called as industrial because it has industrial furniture indeed. Its decoration is signed with the undone decoration and the office-like furniture selection. The industrial decoration now isn’t only used by office or industry, but also for home.

10+ Vintage industrial home decor aaltw

1. This home really benefits the high ceiling. There is a reading room on the upper side of the dining room. Furthermore, the wall is also well used as the cupboard. The industrial concept can be found in the chimney on the dining table and the black office chair in the living room.

10+ Vintage industrial home decor gghjk

2. The second home has a minimalist industrial concept. The industrial concept is shown from the undone ceiling and the pillars. Furthermore, the dining room more looks like a bar instead of a formal dining room.

10+ Vintage industrial home decor llcps

3. In this home, the old woods are used as the floor in a certain area. This house has very strong vibes through its furniture like the old fan, old lamp, chairs. There is an interesting thing that is an old suitcase that is used as the substitution of the table.

10+ Vintage industrial home decor llkdfg

4. This house looks vintage because it reminds us of the old countryside houses. The wall and the floor are covered with woods. The vintage style is felt through the furniture like a cupboard, mirror, table, and the wall decoration that are still undone.

10+ Vintage industrial home decor mmner

5. You will put your interest first on the dining table, right? The dining table is set very vintage. However, this house is vintage indeed. It can be seen from the house decoration. While the industrial aspect is shown from the quote wall decoration.

10+ Vintage industrial home decor  ppldf

6. This house looks industrial through the shelves and the box to store the decoration. And what makes this house looks vintage are the sofa, the dining furniture, as well as the window pane. Interestingly, in the middle of the vintage window there is a number of decoration that shows the industrial aspect.

10+ Vintage industrial home decor pplskx

7. This room looks very industrial, right? Yes, it is shown in the plank across the room. This is the point of interest for this house. The vintage looks can be found on the grey sofa as well as the work desk and the brown table in front of it.

10+ Vintage industrial home decor yyupg

8. The industrial concept in this kitchen is signed in the hanging lamp above the dining table. The oven goes well with the lamps before, so they are the industrial concept supports. However, the vintage equipment can be seen through the equipment handler and the shelves. The vintage style can be seen on the wall décor also.

10+ Vintage industrial home decor ggpam

9. This kitchen corner has a very thick western countryside look. Meanwhile, the industrial aspect can be seen on the ceiling.

10+ Vintage industrial home decor wwelb

10. The sofa, rug, and the wall decoration in this room have an industrial concept. However, the chairs, table and the lamp has vintage look. They are well combined.

As you can see that making the vintage industrial concept is easy because the industrial concept itself needs the vintage furniture to make it look industrial.

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