10+ Vintage Bathroom Decor

10+ Vintage Bathroom Decor – One of the rooms in the house that makes us really exciting to decorate is the bathroom. The bathroom should be well designed because it is the place where the owners release the stresses and the tiredness. Furthermore, there are many of us who love to spend a long time in the bathroom. That’s why the bathroom is very important. so here we have some inspiration for a vintage decoration bathroom.

Vintage bathroom decor aaszk

1. This bathroom has a very unique style of industrial ceiling. However, the mirror and the hand washers are designed with Chinese nuance. The hanging lamps on each side of the mirror also beautify the bathroom. The shower is also very unique because the box almost looks like the telephone box.

Vintage bathroom decor ffghu

2. This small bathroom is very well designed. The vintage nuance is shown through the wooden bathtub. While taking a bath the owner can see the outside view or the stars through the window that faces the bathtub.

Vintage bathroom decor llkjq

3. This bathroom also has a very small space. However, it is very well managed. Although the bathroom is very small, it can get a good circulation through the medium size window. The vintage design of the window also makes this bathroom looks pretty.

Vintage bathroom decor llsrf

4. This bathroom is dominated by soft color. The shape of the furniture recalls the vibes of the traditional western bathroom. This bathroom is also very unique because it has a fireplace inside.

Vintage bathroom decor poalg

5. Imagine that during taking the bath, you can see the outside view. It’s so refreshing, right? The floor in this bathroom uses the vintage pattern of cream squares.

Vintage bathroom decor pplkaa

6. This bathroom has a very unique style. It has a see-through window, so what’s going on the outside can be seen very well.

Vintage bathroom decor pplsa

7. The color of the floor in this bathroom is harmonious with the curtain and the wall. This bathroom is very vintage because all the wooden aspects are undone. Moreover, it is very beautiful with the window that is decorated with the plants and make the owner is able to see the view outside.

Vintage bathroom decor ssdpl

8. With the color of grey and white, this bathroom looks feminine. The window in this bathroom has a very unique shape. The water pot in the corner also decorates and beautifies this bathroom very well.

Vintage bathroom decor wwepo

9. This bathroom reminds us of the bathroom in the old times. The wall decoration is very identical with the bathroom from many years ago, as well as its color painting. Other things that significantly makes this bathroom looks vintage are the water pipe and the window and its white curtain.

Vintage bathroom decor zxxii

10. This bathroom has a vintage luxury concept. The golden color that is combined with grey symbolizes the luxury. However, the bathtub shape is designed in vintage style. The interesting point is the tub that faces the big window.

After you see these designs, surely you have some on the mind to go with, right? A vintage bathroom has a vintage bathtub as well as the wall decoration. If you want to make the vintage bathroom, put the details on the wall decoration, water pipe, bathtub, and the window shape.  

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