10+ Vaulted Ceiling Wall Decorations

10+ Vaulted Ceiling Wall Decorations – Building and designing your own home is a fun thing to do. Furthermore, today, searching an architect to help you in building your own home is an easy thing. Building your own home is like creating something that expressing yourself. Luckily, if you have a big area for your home, you can make give each home part as big as you want. However, if don’t, you can play a trick which makes the ceiling high. Having the ceiling that way can make a home look bigger.

vaulted ceiling wall decor bdtyr

1. The first, in the vaulted ceiling or high ceiling, you can build high windows also. The function of the window here is to substitute the wall. The window like this also makes the light can come to your home easily.

vaulted ceiling wall decor brhyj

2. The next, the vaulted ceiling can be benefitted as the place for the ceiling window. As you can see in this design, the window in the ceiling can be used for the light to come or seeing the stars.

vaulted ceiling wall decor dbghh

3. The third, you can use the vaulted ceiling as the accent in your home. You can make a fireplace there and it will look unique with the slanted upper part of the fireplace. Furthermore, maybe the vaulted ceiling makes the room hotter. Therefore, you can place a fan there.

vaulted ceiling wall decor ebywen

4. The next, the vaulted ceiling can be decorated with the lamps surrounding the ceiling. It can be used also as the ventilation so the air circulation in your home is good.

vaulted ceiling wall decor iogtt

5. Then, the vaulted ceiling can make the owner have the high window. The high windows are like the classic European windows. Therefore, the suitable curtain for it is also the curtain like in the castles.

vaulted ceiling wall decor mueww

6. Almost the same with the design number five, in this picture as you see it has three high windows. Three high windows like this give the nuance of glorious to the room. Furthermore, this vaulted ceiling also has a dimensional ceiling.

vaulted ceiling wall decor ntyhe

7. In the seventh design, the design is almost the same with the picture number four that accentuates the high ceiling as the place for the ventilation. Besides as the ventilation, it can be used also as the place to make the natural light comes.

vaulted ceiling wall decor rtwjw

8. In the design number eight, the vaulted ceiling is benefitted as the place to make another room. This kind of room can be used as the playroom, reading room, or even additional bedroom or living room.

vaulted ceiling wall decor rtyyni

9. In this ninth design, the vaulted ceiling is decorated with the wooden frame and the chandelier that beautifies the room.

vaulted ceiling wall decor yehqt

10. Like the first picture, in this design, the vaulted ceiling is benefitted as high windows. Furthermore, the owner puts several lamps to make the room brighter.

Those are some inspiration of vaulted ceiling decorations. The vaulted ceiling decorations actually can be added with an additional room if you don’t mind to renovate the house. The vaulted ceiling can be benefitted as the reading room, playroom, or even living room or bedroom.

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