10+ TV Area Decor Ideas

10+ TV Area Decor Ideas – The area that usually has the most interesting decoration in the home is usually the living room. It is because the living room is the area where the family members gather and the area where we commonly welcome the guests. Specifically, the area in a living room that has special decoration is around the TV. That’s why now we are going to give some inspirations of decorating the TV areas.

wall mounted tv decor brduy

1. The first living room design is actually the modern vintage. The vintage theme is shown through the cabinet design, meanwhile, the modern theme is shown through the wall painting. The TV is attached on the wall and it is surrounded with pictures and paintings.

wall mounted tv decor ewvty

2. In the number two, the TV is placed in the middle of the shelf. As we see that the TV area in this room is decorated with a big brown shelf. The shelf itself is full of books.

wall mounted tv decor neyajj

3. In the number three, the design is quite simple. The TV is attached on the wooden plank. The plank itself is painted cream. And beside it, there is monochromatic decoration placed horizontally.

wall mounted tv decor ntuii

4. In number four, the TV is put on the classic vintage white cabinet. Behind the TV, there are some monochromatic pictures attached on the wall. And beside the TV, there is a decoration of a single big bottle.

wall mounted tv decor nyfkk

5. Like we see in the fifth picture, the wall is covered with the grey abstract planks.  The TV is attached in the middle with the black decorations surround it. The lesser area on the wall is benefitted as the shelves to keep the decorations.

wall mounted tv decor nysyy

6. The number six is an example of the modern living room. In the TV area, the wall is dominated with the emboss wall planks. This wall has dimensional look because of the embossed surface. This emboss wall is completed with the wooden furniture of the floating shelves and a long cabinet.

wall mounted tv decor rbtqet

7. The seventh TV area decoration is really simple. Like we see that the whole room in this picture is decorated simply. The wall is painted cream and there is only as single decoration of painting in the right corner.

wall mounted tv decor srthh

8. The living room number eight has a vintage theme. The TV is placed on the white cabinet and near it, there is a pot with a plant in a glass pot. Above the TV there are interesting decorations on shelves with paintings and photos.

wall mounted tv decor srtvhj

9. The next living room has a modern concept. The TV area points out the modern theme through the wooden board on the wall. The wall itself is decorated with a vertical pattern of grey wallpaper.

wall mounted tv decor sryhn

10. The last TV area decoration is really simple. The TV itself is attached on the wall and under it, there is a single floating cabinet to place the CD player and the decorations.

As we saw that the wall in the TV area is common with interesting decorations. Do not doubt to search for inspirations like these.  

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