10+ Turquoise Furniture for the Living Room

10+ Turquoise Furniture for the Living Room – Turquoise is the slice between blue and green, with the dominant blue. The turquoise is not often found in the home furniture. Commonly it is used as the decoration. However, how if it is applied in the furniture. Should we check?

turquoise living room set dgbet

1. This house implements the wood as the main material of the wall and the floor. Basically, this house has the modern nuance with the tendency of colorful furniture and decoration. Like you see this sofa has a turquoise color with the cushions that also have a various design.

turquoise living room set dsvsa

2. The turquoise color in this living room is not owned by the furniture yet the wall decoration. The small part of the wall that has the turquoise color make this living room more stunning. The blue sofa also suits this living room.

turquoise living room set dzrxg

3. To make the room and the furniture in harmony, you can apply a similar color to this. Although each blue in this living room is not the same, they still from the same family, that’s why combine them together is still safe.

turquoise living room set ewvds

4. The turquoise velvet sofa in this living room has an elegant design. Moreover, the rug color that is also in the same shade makes this living room still looks simple. The combination of turquoise and silver on this sofa indeed is perfect.

turquoise living room set ewvds

5. This apartment has a nice classic theme which is shown through the wallpaper and the design of the chair. This living room combines the turquoise and cream really aesthetically. The design of the crystal lamp is also beautiful for this living room.

turquoise living room set fdbed

6. This living room slightly has the contemporary art theme. The contemporary art theme is mainly shown by the turquoise leather sofa and the painting. If we see the lamp and the table, they also have an unusual design that is artsy.

turquoise living room set fdbet

7. It is very clear that the sofa and its table are in the same series. The table itself is unique because its material that, unlike common table. This room is the combination between blue and the cream. Even the curtain is harmonious with the room concept.

turquoise living room set fyjrs

8. The material and the color of furniture are indeed to create an impression. Just like this sofa that has the velvet material and the turquoise color. Their combination is so perfect to create the extravagant look.

turquoise living room set gbere

9. Many attractive objects make this room looks stunning. Firstly is the wall decorations that are artsy. The number two is the sofa cushions. The third is the patterned chair. And the last is the fur chair. The decorations on the table are also artsy and beautiful.

turquoise living room set gnbta

10. This living room is also completed with some interesting blue aspects. The blue wall in across, the blue chair, and the rug are all very beautifully combined with the cream nuance. The glass decorations in this living room are also aesthetic.

The turquoise blue is indeed very beautiful for the house, right? It has an aesthetic and fresh impact on the look of a room. 

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