10+ Triangle Patterned Wall Decorations

10+ Triangle Patterned Wall Decorations – The shape or motive of wall decoration is really important. Although it looks cliché, the pattern of wall decoration gives a certain expression. For example, the compilation of dots shapes on the wallpaper that shows the cheerful and fun expression. Now, we are going to discuss a certain shape which is a triangle on the wall decoration.

triangle wall decor  rnwsh

1. In number one, there are triangle shapes that spread on the wallpaper. This decoration is used as the ornament of the bed. The background of this decoration matches the wallpaper behind. This triangle decoration expresses the young and cheerful nuance.

triangle wall decor bujii

2. In number two, there is a room that is decorated with the Indian house. To get along with this decoration, the triangle wallpaper is absolutely the most matched. Therefore, as a whole, this room looks playful.

triangle wall decor fjtyd

3. In number three, the triangle decoration is used only at a certain area. Uniquely, this triangle decoration is placed in touch with the border of the table, therefore it looks like the triangle is out from the table itself.

triangle wall decor gmkck

4. The next in number four, we have a room that designed with the pop art fashion. The pop art fashion here is well described through the motives of the wallpaper that is colorful. Furthermore, the theme is accentuated with the furniture color and shape.

triangle wall decor hjgnh

5. Next, in number five as we can see that this room is filled with black, gold, and white as the main colors. This is reflected through the furniture and the triangle decoration. The triangle decorations are spread in several directions and they also have gold, black, and white as the main colors.

triangle wall decor humvk

6. In number six, the triangle decoration is made from metallic material. The triangle shapes are framed in one and they consist of several colors.

triangle wall decor rthgh

7. The next, in number seven, we have a Tumblr triangle decoration. This decoration is actually really simple, but it has attractive colors. Furthermore, the color of this decoration suits the mood of the room.

triangle wall decor rthwh

8. In number eight, we are presented with a playroom that has attractive decoration. Although this room is quite colorful, the overall look is soft because white is still dominating. Like that shown through the wallpaper, although it has a colorful motif, the white background balances this wallpaper.

triangle wall decor rvthsh

9. The next, in number nine, the wallpaper still has the same style as the wallpaper in number eight. However, this wallpaper has softer color than previous wallpaper. This wallpaper does suit for the girl bedroom decoration.

triangle wall decor rynujx

10. The last, we have the triangle decoration that has artsy style. This decoration has the artsy style because of its color selection and the pattern itself. This kind of motive is really nice for a studio, hotel, etc.

The triangle pattern decoration is indeed an interesting pattern. This pattern can make a room looks youthful and cool. There are still many options of shape decorations in the market. Sometimes, people choose a certain shape or pattern to balance the room proportion.  

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