10+ Travel Themed Wall Decorations

10+ Travel Themed Wall Decorations – For some people, traveling is more than the hobby. Traveling for some people is a priority. Therefore, they want to express it through the home decoration. Yes, the home decoration is often used as the media of representing the identity. Let’s see several examples below, how the love for traveling is expressed through the wall decorations.

travel themed wall decor agrag

1. In number one, we are seeing a very unique decoration of a world map that is surrounded with photographs. In this decoration, the photos are linked to the points where the photos were taken.

travel themed wall decor bvgsh

2. The next in number two, the love for traveling is expressed through the printed picture of a compass on the wall. This printed picture has a harmonious color with the wall decoration beside it and also the sofa.

travel themed wall decor fhhss3. In number three, there is a very simple decoration. This kind of decoration can be gotten free on the internet. The quotation decoration is indeed very popular these days.

travel themed wall decor fhsww

4. The next, in number four, the decoration is also about the world map. Like the decoration in number three, this is also a printed decoration, but the picture is printed on a wooden board. This can be a solution to make a more creative decoration.

travel themed wall decor srchgf

5. Next, in number five, there is an LCD screen with the decoration of the traveling picture. In this picture, the LCD decoration is used when the LCD is off. This decoration is placed in a meeting room.

travel themed wall decor uyfhf

6. The number six, the decoration size is really big, it fills almost all the area of the wall. This decoration is also about a world map, but it is completed with some explanations.

travel themed wall decor uyvfh

7. The number seven, here is a decoration that can be made by yourself. This decoration has simple materials which are a frame, rope, and some clips. This decoration is able to be rearranged, so when you are bored with the photos, you can change it with other photos.

travel themed wall decor vhyfff

8. In number eight, the decoration is very unique. This is also a type of printed decoration. This decoration has pictures of stamps. It makes the vintage mood to this living room.

travel themed wall decor vhygf

9. The next, there is also a printed decoration on the wall. But, this printed decoration is a kind of typography. The words here are all related to traveling, and some of the words are the center of attention here.

travel themed wall decor vythf

10. The last, a very unique decoration with the background of the world map. But, the main feature here is the explanations of the word travel. You will be able to make this kind of decoration. it just needs a free wallpaper, and you can make some editing to the picture.

Travel is an interesting theme for the decoration. It is closely related to the image of a world map, photographs, and stamps. Some decorations, like what you saw above can be easily made. This easy-made decoration only needs the creativity and some materials that absolutely easy to get.

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