10+ Toy Storage Design Ideas

10+ Toy Storage Design Ideas –Having a child or more automatically makes you negotiate with the messy room. Therefore, it is needed the storage that able to accommodate the children toy piles. The storage should be big enough because the size of the toys is quite variable. Furthermore, the design of the storage should look nice to show off the toys.

toy storage for small spaces ghght

1.You can call this room like a half living room and half playroom. The big boys are left without placement. However, the smaller toys are kept on shelves with the design of sectional boxes. Besides able keeping the toys, these shelves actually can be used for the decorations place.

toy storage for small spaces ghjhg

2. The most common toys storage is the basket as shown in the picture. The basket is actually quite artistic as the storing place. Moreover, the design of this room is not the kind of neat concept, that’s why basket is a nice choice.

toy storage for small spaces ghjjh

3. The next most common storage is the shelf like this. This kind of storage doesn’t only beneficial to keep the toys, but also the kids’ books. Therefore, their book will keep durable. Moreover, it is able to accommodate many things.

toy storage for small spaces ghjyu

4. If you want to make the room looks clean and neat while still being stylish, the colorful box is the answer. The toys are kept inside the boxes, hence what we look are just colorful boxes.

toy storage for small spaces hftgc

5. This type of the shelf is actually similar like the number three. This shelf is also able to keep not only the toys but also the books and even the decorations. Moreover, this shelf is able to be used not only for the kid things but also parents’.

toy storage for small spaces hggfj

6. It is better if you create a single playroom for the kids. Therefore, their toys will be kept in the area. This kind of storage is a useful and functional type.

toy storage for small spaces hjgyh

7. If the toys are kept in the kids’ room, then it is important to provide them with easy access storage. Not only that, the storage should be big enough to load the toys. The boxes like under the bed here are good choices.

toy storage for small spaces jguyt

8. Since the kids are attracted to the colorful things, the kind of storage that shows off a bit is a nice choice. Moreover, if you provide boxes for storage, select the colorful ones. The colorful boxes are more interesting for them.

toy storage for small spaces jhhgd

9. If the toys are so many, you can choose the bigger storage as shown in this picture. The storage that is like a cupboard maybe is the best choice.

toy storage for small spaces jkgjl

10. To make the kids easier in choosing the toys, you can utilize the storage that is the type of showcasing like this. Therefore, the kids are also easy to access them.

Besides the design, it is important to choose the storage design that is not harmful to the kids. Moreover, choose the design that also teaches them how to storage nicely. Therefore, they can learn and play.

Marry Dexter