10+ The Farm House Bedroom Decor Ideas

10+ The Farm House Bedroom Decor Ideas – Living in a country-side is really peaceful. Commonly houses in the country-side also have very ethnic decoration. For example is the farmhouse decoration. The farmhouse decoration has a very lovely design that makes us feel so peaceful and homely. The farmhouse design is common with wood or brick material, let’s take a look.

farmhouse bedroom wall decor bsgbb

1. The first bedroom has a very lovely and beautiful design. This bedroom itself is full of white. The back of the bed is made from the white painted wood. What makes this bed very authentic is the plants’ decoration itself.

farmhouse bedroom wall decor bxbgf

2. In-room number two, the wall is painted in light grey. The wall itself doesn’t have much decoration. In the bed area, the wall is decorated with the carved decoration in the middle and two crystal lamps on each side.

farmhouse bedroom wall decor cnnxx

3. In number three, the bedroom has an inner bathroom. The wall in this bedroom is really simple. There are only two photograph decorations on the wall. Meanwhile, on a side of the wall, there is a fitting place to see the view.

farmhouse bedroom wall decor dafva

4. In number four, the bedroom is quite small yet unique. The wall in this bedroom is covered with the grey wallpaper, and there is a single decoration on the wall which is the artificial antler on a wooden plank.

farmhouse bedroom wall decor dhbxf

5. In the number five, the bedroom is very lovely. This bedroom wall is all with wooden material.  The wall is all painted in white except in the bed area. In the bed area, the wall is covered with wooden tiles.

farmhouse bedroom wall decor vcszv

6. The number six is the farmhouse decoration in a kids’ bedroom. In this bedroom, the ceiling is quite short. In the middle of the wall, there is a flag consists of triangular cloth in many colors. While on the other side, there is a picture on the corner.

farmhouse bedroom wall decor vzfdf

7. In number seven, the bedroom is decorated in white and grey. There are two tones on the wall. The white side of the wall is painted in white. On the white wall, there is a quote decoration with flower ornament. While on the grey wall there are shelves with photographs on them. 

farmhouse bedroom wall decor xfbgn

8. In number eight, the bedroom is also decorated with grey and white colors. In the middle of the wall, there are decorations of photographs, while in the corner there is a wooden decoration.

farmhouse bedroom wall decor ynnxx

9. In the ninth bedroom, a side of the wall is also covered with the brick pattern wallpaper. While on the other side, the wall is painted in blue. On the wall, there is also a decoration made from metal in R shape.

farmhouse bedroom wall decor zdfzb

10. The last bedroom is decorated in Christmas nuance. The wall is painted in all white. While on the wall, there are two paintings, one is hung and another is on the cabinet.

The farmhouse decoration commonly has a vintage vibe. Moreover, if you notice, there are many wooden materials in the wall.

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