10+ The Combinations of Pink and Grey Decorations

10+ The Combinations of Pink and Grey Decorations – Pink symbolizes the soft and feminine characters. This color is commonly used for the girl’s bedroom decoration, but it doesn’t close the possibility for other rooms, too. Pink is good to be combined with a color that is more neutral like black, grey, white, or nudes. Now we are going to give some inspirations of pink and grey decorations.

pink and grey wall decor bdyjhs

1. In number one, the pink and grey decoration is used for the baby bedroom. The pink here dominates the wall and the curtain. On a side of the wall, there is gold dots decoration. the grey is presented through the furniture.

pink and grey wall decor btsss

2. In number two, there is a bedroom for the twins. This bedroom is filled with a pin for the ceiling and the bed. However, the wall is painted with grey and the cream. The decoration of this bedroom is really simple.

pink and grey wall decor fbthr

3. The next in number three we still have the decoration of the girl’s bedroom. The use of pink here almost occupies all the aspect of the room. But this room doesn’t look too vibrant because the pink here has a soft tone.

pink and grey wall decor fhwhh

4. In this picture, the color pink makes this bedroom looks feminine, mature, yet youthful. This kind of pink is very popular in the Tumblr design. The decoration is also very simple with the single painting on the wall and the decoration besides the bed.

pink and grey wall decor ndtsj

5. The next we have a bedroom which seems owned by a girl teen. It is seen from the combination of vibrant pink, black, and grey in this bedroom. The decorations and the furniture also impress the girly side.

pink and grey wall decor rbfjjh

6. The bedroom number six is rather small, yet this bedroom looks very youthful. The youthful look is seen from the decoration on the wall that is identical with Tumblr decoration. Furthermore, this bedroom uses soft colors which are soft pink, cream, grey, white, and a hint of black.

pink and grey wall decor rvhtw

7. The bedroom number seven also seems to be owned by a girl teen. The pink and grey here are the combination and they make such a classic nuance through the design of the furniture. The decoration in the corner also has the girly nuance.

pink and grey wall decor svrthh

8. The baby’s bedroom in number eight combines very well the color pink, white and grey. This bedroom has nuance like above the sky. The very interesting decoration is the wings and the spread stars on the wall.

pink and grey wall decor wghq

9. In number nine, the girl’s bedroom looks youthful with the combination of grey and soft pink color. Moreover, the home-like shelves, flamingo picture, and the hanging lamps are very unique.

pink and grey wall decor xcsvv

10. The last, we have a girly bedroom which has a combination of pink and cream. Interestingly, the cupboard is placed in the niche wall. The outside scenery in this bedroom is also amazing.

The combination of pink and grey or pink and cream are the most seen in a girl or baby bedroom. These colors indeed a perfect combination for lovable and soft home design.


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