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Posted at December 7, 2018 3:06 by in Furniture
wall table decor nfydj

10+ Table and Cabinet Decorations  – In every home design pictures, surely you will see the cabinet or table that placed near the wall. These tables or cabinet often is not only for keeping things, but also as part of the decoration. That’s why many people also choose a special cabinet or table to beautify the decoration, for examples are the pictures below.

wall table decor rthdd

1. In this first picture, the table is actually quite simple. Its shape is quite long and there are also two shelves under it. However, although this table is simple, the decorations and the things on it make them turn out as a beautiful decoration as a whole.

wall table decor eggdd

2. In number two, the color of the cabinet does suit the room’s color elements. This cabinet has the same color nuance with the wall decoration. this cabinet also has a vintage model that is supportive of the rug.

wall table decor ekukd

3. The number three, the cabinet is really interesting. This cabinet consists of two layers and each layer is benefitted as the place to keep the wines. The upper part is benefitted as the table for the place the decorations.

wall table decor erytsd

4. We know that the house owner of this house intentionally places a low table near the wall. It is because there are many photographs on the wall. But, this low table looks very nice with the books and a big plant on it.

wall table decor esvgy

5. This cabinet is painted undone to express the vintage look. Therefore, the surface of the wood itself is still seen slightly. The decorations that placed on it also supports this cabinet to look vintage.

wall table decor fhjsru

6. In number six, we have a cabinet with the oriental design. The oriental design is impressed through the handler to open it. This cabinet doesn’t only look vintage, but also ethnic at the same time.

wall table decor nfydj

7. The next, we have the house with the folk theme. The cabinet also has the same theme as the house. It has a simple and functional design. The cabinet and its unique decorations make this corner interesting.

wall table decor srtvh

8. In number eight, this cabinet seems like literally from the old times. It is seen from the gold-colored handler that identical with the old furniture and also the feet of the cabinet that is very rare to see.

wall table decor trghq

9. The next, we have a long table with unpolished decoration. This table is quite beneficial to keep the chairs as we see under the table. Furthermore, the table also has enough area to place things on it.

wall table decor yjsrj

10. In number ten, the table has an ideal size to the height of the stair. This table is quite simple and classic. The decorations on it support the table to create an attractive side under the stairs.

As we see from the examples above, there are many interesting tables or cabinets design. Some of them have the designs that are quite rare to see. Indeed, the cabinet or table is an important aspect not only for keeping things but also beautify a side of a home.  

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