10+ Swimming Pool Designs for Limited Area

10+ Swimming Pool Designs for Limited Area – Creating your own excitement in your home is really important. Home shouldn’t only be the place for rest, but also seeking excitement. Therefore, if your home space can support you to have a swimming pool, then go on. Having a source of excitement in your home will warm the relationship between the family members through spending time together.

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1.This swimming pool shape is like the water drop. Besides the swimming pool, this house is an ideal place to spend the holiday because there are barbeque equipment and the dining table. Therefore, this kind of house is a perfect place for New Year or birthday party.

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2. This swimming pool has a mini size. However, it is enough for the family swimming pool. Not only that, the water fountain gives an attractive accent for this swimming pool.

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3. Even if your home area is not big enough, having your own swimming pool or Jacuzzi is very possible. Like this home, for example, it has only about 4×3,5 m swimming pool. It also completed only with a mini area for a chair and a mini table. The yard also presents a refreshing view of swimming.

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4. The swimming pool with the long size like this is also quite popular for home instead of the wide one. The simplicity is the most prominent feature of this swimming pool. This concept is quite popular for a swimming pool in the dry area.

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5. If your yard is big enough, it is very recommended to have your own swimming pool. Moreover, don’t forget to beautify its surrounding. And also, complete the swimming pool with the couch for enjoying the sun.

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6. To complete the family swimming pool, it is a good idea to decorate its surrounding with the natural ornament like a mini waterfall, mini garden, etc. Moreover, you can add a dining table or anything that can support activities besides swimming.

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7. If you are going to decorate your swimming pool naturally, you can choose the natural stones for the ground. Don’t forget to plant the palm or anything that can add shadiness. You can also place some benches.

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8. It is a good idea to create a Japanese swimming pool. The design is like in the picture. You use the wooden floor and the stones as the ornaments. Moreover, make the swimming pool in a small size that is more like Jacuzzi.

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9. Besides the swimming pool itself, to make the swimming activities more exciting you can add jump board or any other game.

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10. Besides the swimming pool itself, the design of its surrounding is also very important. Decorate the yard around the swimming pool with many plants or colorful flowers, you can also add some chairs or anything that make the view is more beautiful.

After looking at these design, it is very possible to have a swimming pool in a small area, isn’t it? You don’t have to own the big one, the small one like a jacuzzi is enough for an exciting.

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