10+ Stylish Stairs for the Small Space

10+ Stylish Stairs for the Small Space – The stairs don’t only function as the link from a floor to another, but often it is many also used as the area of the wall decoration. Not only that, but the design of the stairs is also very important to beautify the house since its size is also quite big. The design of the stairs commonly follows the surrounding decoration.

stairs in small spaces gfhgf
stairs in small spaces gfhgf

1.This house still preserves its natural concept which is ancient design. The ancient designed is shown in all of the corners. Especially the color of this house. The stairs itself has the winder shape and beautifully ornamented with the carpet along the way.

stairs in small spaces hfgtr

2. This house has a warm feeling with the wooden ornament that is combined with the white nuance. The U-shaped stair here represents the rustic natural style. Indeed the wooden material is always beautiful for any home.

stairs in small spaces hghgf

3. In the imperial or aristocratic designed home, the most common stairs shape is the curved shape or split shape. This home uses the first design. The most obvious sign of the aristocratic design in this stairs is the holder.

stairs in small spaces hjguy

4. For the small room, the most common design of the stair is the spiral shape. The spiral shape stair doesn’t only save area. But it also always has a unique design. The spiral stair here does have a nice futuristic design with the metallic material.

stairs in small spaces hjhhg

5. The stair in this home doesn’t only give more space for the room. But it is also very simple. The simplicity is gotten from the unique steps design and the color that is similar to the wall decoration.

stairs in small spaces jfyuf

6. The design of the stair is very important to follow the concept of its surrounding. Like this stair, the design is the same as the minimalist home concept. These straight stairs have the futuristic design due to its iron material.

stairs in small spaces jguuy

7. Today the storage stair is also very popular. Moreover, for a small home, the area under the stair shouldn’t be wasted for anything. Instead, benefitting it like this will make the area more functional and you can count it as the home beautifier.

stairs in small spaces thgtr

8. This L shape stairs maybe is the most common design of the stairs. As long as your home has enough area for this kind of stairs, it should be okay. But, if your home is quite small it is better to have the spiral shape or square shape.

stairs in small spaces yhfgy

9. The spiral stair doesn’t only look simpler but it also has futuristic look. The stairs here has the industrial look because of its color and the wood-iron material.

stairs in small spaces yjuyt

10. These quarter landing stairs have a very artistic design. The artistic vision is due to the design of the holder and the stairs itself. The purple carpet placed by the length of the stairs makes this more aesthetic.

Like we see above that stairs is also important in creating a beautiful look for the home. Not only that, the stairs that designed uniquely also generate a different vibe to the room.

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