10+ Stylish Bedrooms with Queen Size Bed

10+ Stylish Bedrooms with Queen Size Bed –The queen bed is ranged in 160 x 195 cm size. This size is a term of the queen bed is commonly used in the furniture store. It is important for us to know the terms of bed size. Therefore, we can consider what size is proportional for the bed before designing the bedroom. However, for sure it is needed the bedroom that is rather spacious for the queen size. Instead of only imagining it, let’s take a look at these bedroom designs.

queen bedroom furniture dghfg

1.The natural beauty is the theme of this bedroom. It is shown through the organic elements like the wood and flowers. The wooden furniture here, of course, is important in creating a natural design. And it is accentuated by the live plant’s decorations.

queen bedroom furniture ghgfs

2. The retro classic is the nuance that we can feel in this bedroom. The retro feeling is gotten from the pattern of the yellow rug and the blue curtains. The furniture itself has the rustic vintage design.

queen bedroom furniture gnhhg

3. The rustic feeling is also achieved in this bedroom. It is because of the ancient black furniture. The effort of bringing the outdoors in is also creating a refreshing atmosphere for this rustic bedroom. The combination of the faded black and the white nuance here is very beautiful.

queen bedroom furniture hghhh

4. The classic concept here is very strong. It is presented by the room design and the furniture design. The design of the window and the wall is the design that we can only found in the classic furniture. The design of the bed also a significant authenticity of this bedroom.

queen bedroom furniture hgyhd

5. The organic materials in this bedroom impress the rustic concept. The rustic concept is well spoken by the cracked wooden frame in the ceiling and the stone wall. The wooden furniture here also has a stereotypical rural design.

queen bedroom furniture jygyt

6. This bedroom is the queen itself. Not because of the queen size bed, but because of the feminine decoration itself. The wall painting is feminine and beautiful. The sun-shaped mirror and the flower beautify this bedroom very nicely.

queen bedroom furniture ngghj

7. The rural design in a modern frame is what exists in this bedroom. The rural concept is nicely presented by the bricked wall and the windows design. Besides, the design of the vintage furniture and the rug also pays the rural concept.

queen bedroom furniture ngyhd

8. To give a certain accent for the wall decoration, sometimes you don’t have to put many decorations. There is an easier way which is applying different wallpaper in some sides of the wall. The texture of the furniture here is also important in creating an accent.

queen bedroom furniture nhbnj

9. Aesthetic, soft, and classic are the best descriptions for this bedroom. It is punctuated with the bed design and the flowery theme decorations.

queen bedroom furniture tytrr

10. In this design, we are presented with a nice rustic decoration. the interesting side is the combination between rustic furniture and the blue nuance.

In designing the bedroom, it is very important to consider the size of the room. So, we can purchase the right size of the furniture. Don’t forget to brose inspirations like this to create a nice bedroom.

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