10+ Storage Inspirations for Small Kitchens

10+ Storage Inspirations for Small Kitchens –The availability of proportional storage in a kitchen is very essential. Especially for a married person, a big enough storage is a must. Therefore, the design and size of the kitchen storage are very significant. If you have a small home, sometimes you can be so dilemmatic while arranging the things. However, don’t worry, this post will give you several inspirations of storage that can be adopted for your small kitchen.

kitchen storage small spaces fghyh

1.The black and white design is a good choice of creating a simple and modern concept. As long as you can cleverly select the pattern, your monochrome kitchen won’t look plain. For the glassware, you can adopt the storage like in the picture.

kitchen storage small spaces fhgfg

2. To maximize the storage, don’t utilize the only the under storage, but also benefit the wall by placing the storage there. Although your kitchen may look full of storage, it won’t look untidy. Instead, your things will keep clean and your kitchen looks neat.

kitchen storage small spaces fhyfg

3. In selecting what design is the best for the kitchen storage, you can choose the one with the easy to clean material. Moreover, choose the furniture material that is stainless and look clean for a long time.

kitchen storage small spaces gbfgf

4. If your kitchen is very small, you can adopt the concept of a mobile home. The kitchen equipment is available for a single person and everything is provided in small size. Moreover, use the magnetic keeper on the wall.

kitchen storage small spaces gchbg

5. Actually, the best way of getting the proportional kitchen storage is the custom designing. Therefore, you can get the furniture that has suit size with your kitchen. Like this design, for example, it has a design that is unusual.

kitchen storage small spaces gjjhg

6. To maximize the function of the whole kitchen, don’t leave any single area for decoration. Hence, you can maximize every area for the furniture. Even though your kitchen may look less colorful, it is way more beneficial.

kitchen storage small spaces hgjgh

7. Like what we said before, it is better to custom the design of your kitchen storage. This style, for example, can be adopted for your future storage. It has a very multifunction design that is able to keep the equipment and the seasoning.

kitchen storage small spaces hjghh

8. This is an example of a mini and beautiful kitchen. Even though this kitchen is very narrow, it has an efficient way of keeping things. Moreover, the storage here makes the kitchen looks neat.

kitchen storage small spaces hjghk

9. This kitchen has a modern concept with a very simple decoration. The owner only applies the decoration to the remained wall that is not placed by the storage.

kitchen storage small spaces vjjhg

10. The country kitchen like this has a very ethnic arrangement. The shelves are still used in the home that has traditional or ethnic decoration. However, the wooden element here creates a natural atmosphere to the kitchen.

As long as you can maximizing the wall area, the small kitchen shouldn’t be a big matter. Maximizing the storage on the wall while minimizing the decoration is the key to decorating a small kitchen.

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