10+ Sofa with Recliner for the Living Room

10+ Sofa with Recliner for the Living Room – Some of us refer the furniture which stresses the functionality instead of mere design. Therefore, when it comes in choosing the sofa, they prefer a sofa which has the recliner. The recliner makes the sofa is more functional, not only as the place to sit but as the place to sleep. And we have several designs of the sofa with a recliner that may inspire you to have.

living room sets with recliners dbset

1. This sofa set has a luxury design. With the genuine leather material, it looks glossy and grandiose. This sofa set is also completed with the recliners in some parts. This kind of sofa sets makes the elders feel cozier while sitting.

living room sets with recliners dfbdr

2. This sofa is also made from genuine leather. It comes with the brown color. This sofa is facilitated with a recliner, so when you are doing activities like reading, for example, you won’t feel tired here.

living room sets with recliners dgnsr

3. The living room that has a sofa with recliners like this is a good option especially if you are not alone in your home. You can spend more time without feeling pain in your legs. The black color of this sofa is a good partner for this grey nuance living room.

living room sets with recliners dthbt

4. A single chair like this that are placed side by side with a table and a bit of ornament can act as the decoration as well. This chair is also very cozy to be used as a sitting place for reading or taking a phone from your friends or family.

living room sets with recliners dznhs

5. What do you think about this living room? It has a beautiful design, right? The broken white color of this sofa set is simple yet still looks luxury because of its surface texture. The cushions that have vibrant color are also nice ornaments for the sofa set.

living room sets with recliners fhndr

6. What comes into your mind when seeing this chair? Only from its looks, we can feel the coziness of this chair, right? Its design is very cozy to lean on. Moreover, it is very functional with the facilities of glass place.

living room sets with recliners fmnt

7. From the surface of the material, it can be predicted that this sofa set is warming when it is used.  It is because of the material of the cloth itself. Moreover, even though the sofa set has a very contrastive color with the wall painting, it still looks harmonious.

living room sets with recliners fsscg

8. In number eight, the texture of the chair is very soft to the skin. The cover material of this chair is velvet cloth. Therefore, its texture looks having gradation, right? This chair is not only cozy for its recliner, but also the functional because of the pocket.

living room sets with recliners gcnxf

9. The vintage-classic vibe is impressed by the leather sofa and the table. Its theme goes in line with the living room decoration.

living room sets with recliners tbsrj

10. The sofa of this living room accentuates the luxury feeling. It is also supported by the red painted wall.

A sofa with recliner is absolutely a good option for the coziness in the living room. It makes us less pain when sitting for so long.


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