10+ Sconces Wall Decorations

10+ Sconces Wall Decorations – Since the lamp is invented, the candle has long become the decoration of a house, although some of us also still use it on some occasions. That’s why here we will present some candle scones that are beautiful as home decorations.

mirror sconces wall decor brthuu

1. The first is the sconce has a very vintage nuance. It is shown through the iron material that has dull look. This sconce is also decorated very uniquely. The candle is placed in a glass scope and in front of it, there is a circle ornament.

mirror sconces wall decor bseyy

2. In number two, the sconce is completed with a circle mirrored decoration. The circle decoration itself consists of smaller mirrors that constructed in rows. This mirror is biasing the things that face it, so it reflects many different colors.

mirror sconces wall decor drthuu

3. The next, in number three, there is a sconce with copper color. This sconce is very simple yet elegant.  The ornament of this sconce is like a piece of a ribbon.

mirror sconces wall decor ebyuw

4. In number four, this picture presents a sconce with the black handler that is made from the iron. The candle itself is placed in a glass bottle. This glass bottle interestingly has the gradation color, so when the candlelit, this glass bottle has an eye-catching color.

mirror sconces wall decor evsyy

5. The next in number five, this sconce has a luxury design. The sconce of this candle is decorated with mirrors. The circle decorations of this scones make its size is quite big. Furthermore, what makes this scones gorgeous is the crystal decorations under the candle.

mirror sconces wall decor sveth

6. In number six, there is a sconce that is also ornamented with the mirror. Furthermore, this sconce is also decorated with iron lines in each side. Although this sconce size is not really big, this sconce is eye-catching enough to decorate the wall.

mirror sconces wall decor tgshh

7. The number seven is also a sconce that has the mirror as the decoration. The mirror itself has the rectangular shape and it is framed with a metal square.

mirror sconces wall decor ujjjg

8. Next, again we meet with the vintage designed sconce. The hanging sconce like this is obviously beautiful for the home decoration. The tip of the sconce is decorated with flowery detail, and the candle is covered with a glass bottle.

mirror sconces wall decor veyya

9. The next we have multiple sconce decoration. These sconces are in the shape of iron frames and each of them is linked to one another. Four of them that located in the middle are also completed with glasses.

mirror sconces wall decor vsegy

10. The last is also a kind of sconce that is completed with the mirror. Uniquely, the mirror here has an abstract pattern. The mirror itself doesn’t have a clear color, but it has the brown one. So, when the candle is lighted, it reflects the candle beautifully.

The candle sconce is a beautiful decoration for the home. The sconce as the wall decoration is very common to be found, especially for a home with a vintage or classic design. the sconce is usually placed in the corridor, in the corner of the living room, near the bed, etc.

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