10+ Royal Blue for Wall Decorations

10+ Royal Blue for Wall Decorations – Choosing the wall painting for the wall decoration can be very confusing. It is because there are so many interesting colors to choose. But now, let’s us focus on a very special color which is the royal blue. This color is very elegant and suits to express a classy impression. Let’s take a look.

royal blue wall decor dbtuyu

1. In the first picture, it is shown that this royal blue color is applied in a corridor. The royal blue as the wall painting here is combined with the modern home concept. The royal blue color looks contrast with the photographs.

royal blue wall decor dhbjj

2. In number two, the meeting room looks very classy with the domination of royal blue. The furniture in this room also uses the color with the same tone. In the wall, there are shelves with many decorations that beautify the wall.

royal blue wall decor fbstrt

3. In number three, the room looks very peaceful and cozy. It is because the blue color influences people to feel calm. In this room, the blue color and white make perfect harmony. The simple and minimal furniture also makes this room looks wide.

royal blue wall decor gcnjk

4. The number four, the house combines the white as the main color and the blue as the ornament. The color of blue here beautifies the corner in the fireplace. Although blue is not dominating in this home, the blue creates perfect harmony with white.

royal blue wall decor gynkiy

5. The next is the blue color in a boy’s bedroom. In this room, the color combination is also blue and white. In this room, the decoration is really simple. There is only a single framed picture in the corner of the wall.

royal blue wall decor sacfr

6. The house in picture number six has a very unique design. In this house, the interior actually has a classic-vintage concept. Besides the royal blue as the main color, this room employs several pastel colors that makes the house looks sweet.

royal blue wall decor tbjuj

7. In the next picture, the blue color makes this room looks very classy and elegant. The blue doesn’t only dominate the wall painting, but also the furniture itself. The wall decorations are also interesting. There are photographs and an antler on the wall.

royal blue wall decor ymuknf

8. In number eight, the house design is very amazing. The blue color doesn’t only dominate the wall itself, but also almost all the furniture. The big furniture like cupboard, sofas, and the curtain that also blue make this room look gorgeous.

royal blue wall decor yniyu

9. The blue as the main color in the bathroom is common. But in this bathroom, the blue concept is very special because the design of the bathroom itself is more like the combination of the dining room and the living room.

royal blue wall decor zkukk

10. We see in this last picture that the blue color that is combined with white makes this house looks like an imperial palace. The dark blue occupies the wall areas in this house. Meanwhile, the white is used in frames and pillars.

The blue as the main color in a house makes the elegant and classy impressions. This color is very good for modern, imperial, or even bohemian concept.

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