10+ Rattan Furniture for the Living Room

10+ Rattan Furniture for the Living Room  – Rattan furniture is usually used for the ethnic or bohemian room theme. It is because these themes are identical with the natural furniture material. Moreover, the rattan material furniture generally has a unique design. With the easy treatment also, many people very love this kind of furniture for their home.

rattan living room set dgnuy

1. In this living room, the rattan furniture set is the best completer for this room. It is because this living room has a traditional concept. This rattan furniture is combined with the patterned fabric that has a harmonious concept with the room decoration.

rattan living room set dgnzj

2. The rattan furniture in this living room is combined with the patterned green fabric. The fabric pattern itself has the harmonious theme with the room concept. Therefore, this living room nuance is green and cream with a tropical theme.

rattan living room set djnyr

3. The rattan living room set is also appropriate for the terrace living room. If you have a nice yard, don’t waste it. Place the living room like this so it can be placed to relax.

rattan living room set fgnft

4. This house is filled with the rattan furniture. From the television shelf, the dining set, the living room set, everything almost made from rattan. The most unique is the dining room area which is above the kand level of the living room.

rattan living room set fhjty

5. Unlike the usual rattan furniture that comes with its natural color, this dining set comes with white nuance. It is really suitable for the beach nuance like this. The blue cushions are also harmonious with the ocean nuance.

rattan living room set fjdut

6. Besides as the dining table, this dining set is actually also appropriate for welcoming the guests. The tropical room nuance absolutely suits for the rattan furniture.

rattan living room set fnjyj

7. The rattan material looks vague in this living room. It is because the rattan design is unlike the common rattan furniture that is plaited. Moreover, the size of the bug cushion makes this living room set is like a common sofa.

rattan living room set jhryn

8. This living room looks really lovely, right? Moreover, the arm and back design of the rattan sofa is like the common sofa that is not made from the rattan. The most interesting here are the rattan chair and the table.

rattan living room set srger

9. What makes the rattan furniture very attractive is the frame design itself. The frame designs of rattan furniture are really various, therefore the rattan furniture is never boring. The floral pattern is very common to found with the rattan furniture.

rattan living room set tukdd

10. This dining room has a nice concept with the rattan dining place setting. The chair itself looks cozy and unique. The uniqueness is gotten from the wheel on their feet. This makes this chair design is different from common rattan chair.

Rattan furniture is very attractive, right? It is because the rattan material gives the ethnic and traditional impression that is not found in the modern type of furniture. Moreover, the rattan furniture really suits for the tropical themed room or beach themed room. The decoration that is appropriate to complete the rattan furniture is the home plants or any decoration with the floral image.

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