10+ Presenting Bar in the Living Room

10+ Presenting Bar in the Living Room –There are many ways of presenting your home different from what is common. For example, you can design your home with a certain theme that is unusual. Or maybe you can place a certain room in an unusual location like an outdoor kitchen. There are many ways of it, but in this post, we will discuss the home bar or bar in the living room.

living room bar ideas gtrtr

1.This first bar living room has a design that is quite close. The bar and the kitchen are linked with a small slot. The bar itself is really simple. Because there is only a single cupboard for the storage and a cabinet.

living room bar ideas gtryt

2. Unlike the previous bar living room, this one can be called as true bar complete with the sound system. Moreover, why this living room can be called a true bar because a big area is occupied by the bar itself. Moreover, the design of the bar living room itself is actually very simple with the domination of wood.

living room bar ideas hytuu

3. The thing that is really eye-popping here is the bottles inside the display door. It is a very creative idea. Not only eye pleasing but this display door also makes the owner easier to take the wines.

living room bar ideas hytuy

4. The design of this bar living room is typically like the old bar. It vibes the old times feeling inside the modern house. The old-time atmosphere is caused by the design of the wine shelf as well as the chair designs.

living room bar ideas iyiuy

5. The design of this bar living room is more casual than the common bar decoration. Not only that, but the design also presents the vintage vibe through the use of the wooden material and some cracks here and there.

living room bar ideas jjuuy

6. This bar living room is designed more privately. Instead of accentuating the individuality of enjoying the beverages, this bar supports the commonality of enjoying beverages. The display window is also very capable in attracting the guests.

living room bar ideas kyuiu

7. The black nuance in this bar living room brings the mature and vintage atmosphere at the same time. It is designed with the classic decoration, even so, the chairs. The setting of this bar living room echoes the vibe of bars in the movie.

living room bar ideas uyytu

8. For the efficiency, maybe the homeowner intentionally doesn’t provide the bar chairs here, since the location of the wine storage and the dining table is close enough. This home is very stylish.

living room bar ideas vfgfd

9. Instead of building a bar living room with the dim light and the intimate mature nuance, the owner builds the mini bar that is cheerful here.

living room bar ideas yujhg

10. The country bar or traditional bar is the concept of this bar living room. The area of this bar living room is also wide enough, expanded with the table set on another side.

The bar living room is highly recommended if you often invite your friends to home. It is also a source of amusement in your own home. How was it? Don’t you wanna try?

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