10+ Palm Leaf Wall Decoration

10+ Palm Leaf Wall Decoration – In a period, there is always a trend of certain patterns. For example, for more half of this year, the pattern like a palm leaf, flamingo, or pineapple have been very popular. These patterns out a second before the summer come, and when the summer does come, the patterns are hit for fashions, accessories, even the decorations. Therefore, today we are going to give some inspirations of palm leaf pattern in decorations.

palm leaf wall decor brstv

1. In number one there are palm leaf photographs. The palm leaf pattern is identical with the folk home design, just like the work desk in this picture. Two photographs of palm leaf are supportive of the real plant’s decoration.

palm leaf wall decor dgrww

2. The green decoration is indeed refreshing like this framed picture. This framed palm leaf photograph is a good decoration for this white wall.

palm leaf wall decor dyrhh

3. In number three, the palm leaf painting is very harmonious with the decorations in each side. These decorations are simple yet very aesthetic and give refreshing in an angle of a house.

palm leaf wall decor erbdy

4. The next, we still have the painting decorations of palm leaf. These decorations really express the folk home design because they are supported with the folk decorations. The folk decorations are symbolized with the wooden material and plants.

palm leaf wall decor fdhjj

5. In number five, the painting is not only about the palm leaf. This painting decoration gives a refreshing side to this decoration corner. The color of its background and the frame does harmonious with the home nuance.

palm leaf wall decor fvhss

6. This decoration is the most distinctive among others. It is because this decoration is made from the wooden board and the palm leaf decoration is printed above.

palm leaf wall decor jetee

7. In number seven, the palm leaf decorations are also kind of painting. These palm leaf decoration with the decoration on the floor are a good team. They create a sense of the folk home decoration very strongly.

palm leaf wall decor jyvhf

8. The next is the decoration of palm leaf photograph. This photograph looks in contrast to the wall, but it is the point. The frame and the background are also sublimed with the wall.

palm leaf wall decor trsghh

9. In number nine, the palm leaf decoration has a very mini size. However, although its size is mini, this decoration is a good partner for the plant. This mini decoration can beautify this work desk very well.

palm leaf wall decor wvtrhu

10. In number ten, there are decorations of leaf photographs. These decorations have several leaf types. These decorations have good proportion as a home decoration.

Like we see that the greenish home decoration like this palm leaf is very refreshing and attractive. The green color is said makes our eyes feel relax. Therefore, this kind of decoration does suit to be placed in stressful areas like work desk for example.

This kind of decoration is indeed identical with folk or bohemian design, therefore, matching them with the plants or candles is very aesthetic. The good thing also, the palm leaf picture is easy to get. There are free palm leaf pictures on the internet, or you can make it by yourself!

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