10+ Open Living Room Ideas

10+ Open Living Room Ideas – Everyone surely wants their house to have good air quality. Two recommended strategies are plants inside the house or open-air living room. Why the living room? Because that is the area that family members mostly visit. Moreover, the open air living room is a nice decoration for the living room. Therefore, this post will present you several ideas of the open living room.

open living room ideas cgjhj

1.Luckily, this living room is located in the up floor. Hence, it gets such an amazing view. Its location allows it to get better air condition and cooler air. The open living room here is such a good idea for the whole home.

open living room ideas cgjhy

2. The open living room in this house is not only for the better air circulation but also for presenting an amazing view. Its location that is in the coastal area should not be wasted. This living room makes the guest to stay for a long time.

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3. If the previous house is in the coastal area, this one is located in the mountainous area. This house is presented with amazing green carpet in front of it. The open living room lets the homeowners get the healthy air.

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4. This house is decorated modern despite its location that is near the lake. The open living room gifts wonderful view for the homeowners. The wind breeze that blows into the house has good quality and nice fragrance.

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5. With the amazing design like a hotel and the open living room, this house can be called as earth heaven. The owner doesn’t have to spend the weekend out. Staying inside the house is enough.

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6. The design of this house supports its location that very close to nature. Whether it is day or night this house will have aesthetic scenery. To get closer with nature, indeed the open living room is a good idea. It allows the homeowner to hear the nature’s voice also.

open living room ideas trrew

7. The concept of this house tries to be as close as possible with nature. Even the indoor area is quite organic. Hence, the open living room will give the accentuation for its natural concept.

open living room ideas tyrtr

8. There are so many open windows and doors in this house. They are employed to accentuate the openness concept of the house. The absent of partition between the room also tells that this house is designed as semi-open.

open living room ideas ytytr

9. The feel of nature should be invited inside the house if it is located in nature. This house is designed with a vintage theme. This concept gets along very well with the nature view.

open living room ideas yuyte

10. This house looks very bright. The windows and glass doors everywhere allow very enough natural light to enter. Furthermore, staying in this house will never be boring because of its amazing view from up.

The open living brings various benefits for the homeowners. It is a concept that is very applicable and recommended for the houses that are located closely with nature.

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