10+ Niche Wall Decorating Ideas

10+ Niche Wall Decorating Ideas – Decorating a wall is absolutely is an interesting activity. However, making the wall flat as it is is sometimes boring. Therefore, some people tend to make some niches in their home wall. By making like this, the wall looks more unique let’s see some ideas of niche wall decorations.

wall niche decorating ideas cajdgh

1. The first is the niche wall in the corridor. If you ever the castle, this kind of wall actually replicates that kind. In this first picture, besides it looks like the corridor in the castle, this niche wall also reminds us of the museums. There are some museums with the wall like this and the niche part is used as the place to showcase the things.

wall niche decorating ideas kbayv

2. In this second picture, the owner designs the bedroom very uniquely. The bed is placed in the niche part of the room. While beside the wall there is also a big bookshelf. Then, to cover the niche part of the bed, there is placed two curtains.

wall niche decorating ideas cjbmm

3. Like the museum, this third home uses the niche part in the wall as the place to showcase their home decoration. There are unique artworks like figures, statues, or vases and photographs.

wall niche decorating ideas cvtfhe

4. In this fourth design, there are two niche parts. The smaller part is in the corner of the room then another one is covered with the stone wall tile. The smaller part is made as the place for the vase. The bigger part that is covered with stone tile is also decorated with the attached lamps.

wall niche decorating ideas hsvsa

5. The fifth is the niche wall that is completed with the two windows. This is very interesting because the two ethnic windows make this corner is unique. Furthermore, this niche is benefitted as the place for plants and other decorations like candles.

wall niche decorating ideas iucby

6. Like the decoration number for, this niche wall is also covered half with the wall tile. The wall tile is monochromatic suits with the room nuance.

wall niche decorating ideas jcegk

7. Unlike the niche wall that we mentioned, this niche wall is benefitted as the fireplace. Furthermore, there are two niche parts in this wall.

wall niche decorating ideas ncwqy

8. In this eight design, the niche part of the wall is used as the place to save the decoration. The biggest niche part is used to keep the biggest decoration. The size of the decorations and the niche size in parallel.

wall niche decorating ideas uewtv

9. The next, the ninth niche wall, this niche wall is decorated with the brown tile. The color of the tile is harmonious with the decoration. Furthermore, the material of the decoration also matches with the niche wall.

wall niche decorating ideas vdssb

10. The last is the niche wall for the cabinet. In this design, the niche wall is used as the place for the cabinets, cupboard, and the television.

The niche part on the wall absolutely makes the wall more interesting. Furthermore, showcasing decorations there will make the guests are attracted. It just looks like at the museum. Make your home interesting as it can!

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