10+ Nailing Oriental Atmosphere through Bedroom Decorations

10+ Nailing Oriental Atmosphere through Bedroom Decorations –The traditional design never fails to bring the authenticities. Moreover, every region in this world has its own authentic traditional element that differentiates it from the others. The European and the Asiatic room decoration surely far different from one another. The oriental design specifically, is famous for the carved details and the use of the natural endemic image in the decorations.

oriental bedroom furniture bfght

1.The main actor that tells this bedroom is different from the others is the wall decoration behind the bed. This decoration is very unique for its image design and it seems that this is handmade. Other things that tell this is an oriental bedroom is the vintage style furniture.

oriental bedroom furniture gffdr

2. The things that present the oriental theme in this bedroom are the paintings. The world knew that the koi fishes is one of the identities of the eastern Asian countries. Moreover, the cushions near the window are the thing that only found in the oriental houses.

oriental bedroom furniture jghfg

3. The beauty comes from the wall decoration behind this bed. The gigantic frangipani picture is combined with the wooden carved decoration, creates an aesthetic focal point in this bedroom. The ancient designed wooden boxes near the bed also accentuate the oriental identity.

oriental bedroom furniture jyjyt

4. It is quite easy to create the oriental concept inside the home. You can purchase antique furniture in ethnic shops. With a bit of bargain, you will get the antique furniture that the modern shop will not provide. And it seems proven by the cabinet, couch, and the boxes in this bedroom.

oriental bedroom furniture jytjd

5. The decoration of the bonsai tree on the sliding door here is an inarguable identity of the oriental room. The oriental decoration cannot be separated from the wooden lining. Not only that, but this bedroom is also beautified with the typical oriental lantern.

oriental bedroom furniture jytjt

6. The owner of this house tries to bring the oriental concept in the frame of the modern room. And it is very clear through the modern wall decoration. Meanwhile, the furniture and the decorations still stick to the oriental authenticity.

oriental bedroom furniture khkiu

7. This bedroom is typically Japanese designed but presented in a more modern way. There are several things that differ this modern Japanese bedroom with the ancient one. Those are the bed design, the lantern, and the sofa. The wooden decoration in the corner is the most attractive decoration in this bedroom.

oriental bedroom furniture lkjiu

8. The strong ancient Chinese decorations filled up this bedroom. The most obvious are of course the partition, bedroom set, lamps, and the wall decorations.

oriental bedroom furniture mjuyt

9. The modernity is risen up in this bedroom. Yet it doesn’t forget to bring the authentic character of the oriental design through the carved decoration.

oriental bedroom furniture mnbvg

10. This bedroom also proves that two contrast styles can be so harmonious. The furniture in the bed area is absolutely created in modern design. In contrast, the relaxing area in the corner comes with antique furniture.

The oriental bedroom design can bring the nostalgia feeling. Moreover, the antique furniture that the oriental room owns can make us proud of its beautiful details.

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