10+ Nailing Coastal Theme to the Living Room Decoration

10+ Nailing Coastal Theme to the Living Room Decoration –The blue nuance absolutely never fails to make a peaceful nuance in a room. Therefore, it is often brought under many room themes like the coastal theme. The coastal theme specifically has many interesting decorations that have the ocean object shapes. That’s why the coastal theme is quite popular. It is commonly used as the bedroom theme, yet in this post, we will share the coastal theme for the living room.

coastal living room ideas fghyt

1.This living room beautifully combines the blue with grey. It is quite unusual because commonly the blue is combined with white. The cupboard and the painting are the focal points that represent the blue element here.

coastal living room ideas fhtyy

2. Everything in this living room looks very attractive. Especially the boxes on the wall are very unique to be used as the shelves. The blue element in this living room is also presented in many patterns. That’s why this living room looks really colorful.

coastal living room ideas gfhyt

3. This house nicely combines the living room with the kitchen. However, between them, there is a big contrast in which the living room has the coastal theme yet the kitchen has a modern theme.

coastal living room ideas ghyuy

4. A warm atmosphere is automatically felt when you see this living room. It is because of the sofa and chair concept. The rattan successfully brings a warm and intimate atmosphere. The natural element that is brought inside the living room makes a fresh look.

coastal living room ideas gretr

5. The coastal theme without rattan material is incomplete indeed. Moreover, the lamp with the shape of the shell here is very unique and eye-popping. The coastal theme is, of course, incomplete without the live plants, therefore, the plants here are very supportive.

coastal living room ideas hytuy

6. Without the blue element, you will still be able to create the coastal theme. You can substitute the blue element with the decoration that has the coastal atmosphere.

coastal living room ideas hyuyu

7. Creating the coastal theme with the combination of blue and white is the most common and the most beautiful. The organic nuance is also brought in this living room through the big live plant in the corner.

coastal living room ideas juyiucoastal living room ideas juyiu

8. If you have the home that is really near with the sea, don’t waste the view. Build the windows as much as it can so the ocean view is present every time. The use of three colors in this living room make a cheerful look while still soft.

coastal living room ideas tdytr

9. This living room has a deep soft atmosphere because of white domination. The fireplace and the circled sofa make the living room more intimate and warming.

coastal living room ideas utruu

10. The most eye-catching here is the design of the dining chairs. Many decorations of this living room come from the organic things, that’s why the natural atmosphere is quite strung here. The ancient lamp above the dining table is also very eye-catching.

The key to creating a coastal theme is on the decoration. The decoration with the shape of ocean object is very important to present what the theme of the room is.

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