10+ Multi Mirror Wall Decorations

10+ Multi Mirror Wall Decorations – Wall is a very important aspect that beautifies a home. Not only the wall painting that is important, but the decoration is also. A decoration that is a must for a wall is the mirror. The mirror is also a significant aspect of a smaller house. A mirror can create the illusion of a bigger home by reflecting another angle. Therefore, many people use a big mirror in an important area of homes like the living room or bedroom. Today the design of the mirror is varied. There is also the design of multiple mirrors that we gonna discuss below.

multi mirror wall decor avkiff

1. The first multi-mirror consists of 18 mirrors in the rectangular shape.  These mirrors have the same concept as the room theme. The frame is made from the wood with the undone design or unpolished design.

multi mirror wall decor bfthh

2. The second design is the dimensional mirror. this mirror shape is square and consists of smaller squares. Each mirror is placed above or under one another, so it creates its own dimension. This mirror is contrastive yet beautiful for the natural bricked wall.

multi mirror wall decor bhdts

3. The next is also the square mirror with a pattern in the middle. This mirror looks unique and aesthetic because the pattern is like parting the mirror. This mirror supports the room decoration that also has a modern concept.

multi mirror wall decor bukkh

4. The number four is the bubbles mirror. This mirror consists of bubble-shaped mirrors. This mirror shape in unity is very unique. The mirror itself looks stunning because it is in a contrast to the wall painting color.

multi mirror wall decor bxthh

5. The number five is also the bubbles mirror. However, the mirrors are connected to each other with metal lining. The metal lining and the mirror frames themselves are in gold color. The sizes of smaller mirrors are different from one another.

multi mirror wall decor cfjjx

6. The next mirror is very unique. Because there are three parts in this mirror. The middle part is the biggest. The two on each wing are smaller and not attached to the wall. This mirror is so big and able to make the room looks bigger.

multi mirror wall decor cfjjx

7. There are two multiple mirrors in this picture. The first mirror is the rectangular mirror and the second is the asymmetrical mirror. Each of them consists of square mirrors. Their size is big and quite dominating the wall.

multi mirror wall decor jynj

8. The number eight is the group of circle mirrors. The mirrors are framed double with metal frame. Each mirror is placed in the middle of the frames. Its size is very gigantic that’s why another decoration is not needed.

multi mirror wall decor vdgbb

9. The number nine is the rectangular mirror. This mirror consists of smaller rectangular mirrors. Its frame is made from metal with gold color.

multi mirror wall decor vdthh

10. The last is also the rectangular mirror that consists of smaller rectangular mirrors. The mirrors are parted with metal lining. The frames and the metal lining is made from silver metal.

If you notice from the pictures above, a big mirror actually doesn’t need any additional decoration beside it. The big mirror itself is enough to decorate the whole wall.

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