10+ Mountain House Decorations

10+ Mountain House Decorations – Just like the lake house or the beach house, the mountain house is also very interesting to see our own. The house near the natural view is absolutely never boring. It is not only enjoyable to see the view outside, but the house itself is always very interesting. If you are interested to have one of mountain house, maybe you can see some inspirations from bellow.

mountain house decor bgkgf

1. Although the characters of the nature house are commonly the same, each of them surely has their own unique aspect. Just like this house, it has a wooden floor and the wall. However, it is an exception for the fireplace, which is decorated with the stones. This house also shows vintage style through the chandelier.

mountain house decor bicyi

2. This mountain house is extremely interesting because the fireplace is located in the middle of the attic. Furthermore, there is no partition for each room. The ceiling is also unique because it is made from the black wood.

mountain house decor gbukk

3. This mountain house has an industrial modern style. This mountain house looks very big because it has no partition like doors, the wall is also substituted with the ultra big window.

mountain house decor hjmgg

4. This mountain house has a country theme. Even the decoration enhances the house theme, for examples are the antler and paintings. The interesting part of this bedroom is also the back of the bed that is also made from the same wood as the wall.

mountain house decor iugbf

5. With the ultra big window, this house allows the owner to absorb the mountain view. Interestingly, there is also the dining table and mini living room at the outside of this house. They make the owner and visitors can enjoy the view directly.

mountain house decor jgbkk

6. This house uses all the aspects that make the house looks rustic. This house uses the bricks as the wall material and decoration. And for the ceiling, it uses the wood. The floor pattern also looks very vintage.

mountain house decor ufbck

7. This house combines two different themes, which are the modern and the rustic theme. The rustic theme is shown is the antler, the chandelier, as well as the wooden chair, rug, and the woods. Interestingly, there are shelves in the room to save the woods. Meanwhile, the modern theme is shown in the decoration of the fireplace, sofas, and the table.

mountain house decor ugkgg

8. This bedroom gives such a warm vibe to the owner. All of the details are in rustic theme, for examples are the fan, the fireplace, as well as the wooden wall and the work desk.

mountain house decor uigbj

9. This living room is such a beautiful place for family members gathering in the Christmas. The outside view on the winter will be amazing.

mountain house decor ygbvd

10. This mountain bedroom also has natural and rustic theme. It is shown by the antler, wooden walls and ceilings, as well as the fan. The bed itself also has the traditional theme

Okay, those are some inspirations of the mountain house. Hopefully, these examples can give some inspirations to you. You can also combine two themes like modern with rustic at the same time. It is interesting, though.


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