10+ Minimalist Home Interior Design

10+ Minimalist Home Interior Design – A minimalist house is commonly signed as having very little decoration, dominated with soil color, having metallic furniture, and having multiple functions of furniture. However, we’ve seen many times that being minimalist isn’t the reason that a home looks unattractive. For examples are these home. They’re so minimalist and beautiful.

Minimalist house interior design aaser

1. This home intentionally only has functional furniture. The only decoration we can see in this home is the big painting that is put on the floor. The painting also has very matte color with the wall painting.

Minimalist house interior design bbnmk

2. This home is all in white and grey, the exception is for the television and the bird decoration. Just like the first design, this house only has important furniture. The furniture size is also not really big, so they make the house looks spacious.

Minimalist house interior design ccdfr

3. To make this house looks very minimalist, the owner uses the furniture that has a similar color to the wall painting. As well as the fireplace, its edge has the same painting with the wall.

Minimalist house interior design ccvfg

4. Being minimalist doesn’t ’mean that a home should be avoided from any decoration. If you want to keep decoration like this home, you can employ minimum wall decoration. For a  big space on the wall, use a big painting as well.

Minimalist house interior design ccvgh

5.  This room combines minimalist and classic concept. The minimalist concept is presented with the minimum wall decoration and the white furniture. While the classic concept is presented through the wooden chairs and the table.

Minimalist house interior design ffgty

6. In order to not make your eyes feel bored, you can use colorful furniture in the minimalist room. However, keep the principal of not using too much decoration. Furthermore, only use the color in the certain aspect, not for the dominantly.

Minimalist house interior design gghbn

7. The principal in point 6 is also applied in room number 7. The room design is minimalist, however, the owner uses only a single big chair in the room. It can be the point of attraction but the room is still being minimalist.

Minimalist house interior design jjklio

8. This house has a very unique concept. Besides the minimalist, it also has folk look. Folk design today is very popular. In this room, it is presented through the wooden aspect of the furniture and the floor, as well as the plants inside the house.

Minimalist house interior design kkloo

9. The minimalist look can be seen also from the furniture shape. Usually, the minimalist home design also has simple furniture shape. For examples are the big round chair and the wooden tables. The wooden tables are very unique because they look undone and hard to find.

Minimalist house interior design ssdcc

10. To make a house looks minimalist, you can minimize the border from each room. Like this room, it has a window that makes the owner is able to see the outside. The owner uses it maybe because if he/she uses the wall, it will need more decoration.

To make a house minimalist, you need to use only the functional furniture, simple shape of the furniture, as well as minimum color selection. You can also minimize the border between the rooms.  

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