10+ Mid Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

10+ Mid Century Modern Bedroom Ideas – The mid-century modern decoration is an invention of interior design that started popular in the 1950s. This design emphasizes the simple and functional design, with the highlight of wooden material usage. This decoration accentuates the need of the owner. We have several inspirations of mid-century modern bedroom, let’s talk about it.

mid century modern bedroom dfbet

1. Looking at this bedroom, this bedroom has the hit of mid-century design through the usage of wooden material. The strong and straight lines like we see in the bed and the cabinet also represent the mid-century modern design.

mid century modern bedroom dthr

2. The straight lines like we see in this bedroom furniture is the common feature of the mid-century modern design. This bedroom has a fresh decoration with the filling of blue and grey colors. The most unique furniture here is the branched lamps.

mid century modern bedroom gfnry

3. This mid-century modern bedroom is also branded with the usage of wooden furniture. The design of the bedroom itself is very simple yet unique with the unusual backing design. The curtain with the picture on it gives the aesthetic touch for this bedroom.

mid century modern bedroom rhsry

4. The mid-century modern is obviously similar like the contemporary design, just like we see in this bedroom. The modern pop design like shown with this bed and the design of the chair in the corner represent what youth like.

mid century modern bedroom sfbfd

5. This bedroom has the domination of wooden furniture. Its wooden furniture is also represented with the straight lines as we see from the edge of the bed, shelves, and the cabinet. The white nuance that completes the wooden furniture is the best companion.

mid century modern bedroom tdhea

6. The wooden furniture and the decoration are given with the lick of ethnic feeling. This bedroom also celebrates the amazing outside view by applying the huge window wall. The nice combination in this bedroom is the wooden ceiling with the modern wall and floor.

mid century modern bedroom tdhrj

7. In this bedroom, surely you will feel the dense nuance of modernity. The modernity is shot by the grey nuance that brought to this bedroom. The simple lining furniture and the decoration also follow the mid-century modern nuance.

mid century modern bedroom tdhrts

8. The mid-century modern nuance is clearly seen through the cabinets on each side if the bed and the couch in front of the bed. This bedroom has the simple furniture and as simple decoration. Its location itself that is near the swimming pool makes this bedroom to be more special.

mid century modern bedroom tjhsry

9. he icons of the mid-century modern room are well defined in this bedroom. The ceiling and the wall are dense of wooden material with various styles. The huge window itself brings the nature nuance to the inside of the bedroom.

mid century modern bedroom yjsry

10. The most interesting in this bedroom is the wooden panel in the back of the bed with the pattern of herringbones. The reading corner that completes this bedroom and its hanging bookshelf also make this bedroom more attractive. The curtains that cover the reading room make this bedroom more dimensional.

How was it? The mid-century modern style is very relevant for today’s home, isn’t it? Moreover, for us who prefer functionality and simplicity, this style is very selectable.

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