10+ Makeup Room Decorating Ideas

10+ Makeup Room Decoration Ideas – A certain corner that shouldn’t be forgotten in the girls’ bedroom is the makeup room. With the growth of the makeup and fashion, the girls need more space to store their collection. Therefore, now you can easily find the makeup room ideas on the internet, just like the pictures below.

Makeup room decorating ideas asofr

1. In this first idea, it is the most common modern design. You will easier to find the white make up a room than any other color. This room is designed simplistically. The mirror is placed in the middle, and the shelves are placed to make the owner easily reach her make up.

Makeup room decorating ideas ffsuj

2. Unlike the first design, the second design is classical. The makeup room is also in the same place as the bedroom. Beautifully, the makeup room is placed near the fireplace. The mirror also looks different because it has the curtain to cover.

Makeup room decorating ideas gefkl

3. The third make up a room is kind of a private place for girls. The room has define places for the shoes, dress, as well as the cabinet for the accessories. The lamps in the middle of the room are not only for the lightings but also the beautifier.

Makeup room decorating ideas jjsrb

4. This is the most unique makeup room. It shares the same area as the bathroom. The big mirrors on the two sides make the owner easily dress up. The lightings on the mirrors also very functional. Uniquely, it is designed with the wooden wall and has a small window in the corner.

Makeup room decorating ideas kkdru

5. Just like the other makeup room, this room is designed very girly. It is decorated with crystal lamps everywhere. The painting on the wall also adds the girly vibe for the room.

Makeup room decorating ideas lldip

6. This house should be very big. Because the bedroom and the makeup room are parted and the makeup room has a wide area. This makeup room shares a similar color with the bedroom itself. The makeup cabinet has the French style that is feminine and simple

Makeup room decorating ideas lldof

7. Like the picture number four, this makeup room shares the same location with the hand washer. However, their color is very unique that makes them unlike the make room, but more like the bedroom. Another unique aspect is the curtain above the mirror of the hand washer.

Makeup room decorating ideas lsksj

8. This makeup room has a certain concept of the feathers decoration. It is shown by the dream catcher near the cabinet, the feather pictures, and the fur for the chair and the rug.

Makeup room decorating ideas lsksk

9. Although this room is quite small, with the smart placement, the owner has two functions for the reading room as well as for the reading room. It still gets enough lighting from the big window on the upper wall.

Makeup room decorating ideas mnwds

10. If you have a big house, you can allocate a big space for makeup room like this. A big area like this is appropriate for the makeup room with the luxury design.

Okay, before you arrange your own makeup room, you should know the space size. The multifunctional cabinet will be very useful for small space. Or, you can combine the bathroom with the makeup room.  Hope you enjoy!

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