10+ Living Room with Fabric Furniture

10+ Living Room with Fabric Furniture – In purchasing the furniture, surely we want the one that not only visually satisfying but also has an easy treatment. Therefore, one of the aspects that people consider is the material of the furniture itself. We surely want the furniture with the long last durability and easy to clean. For the visual itself, we have some inspirations on the sofa below.

fabric living room sets cgndh

1. In this living room, here is a nuance of grey and brown. The wall aspect is dominated by the monochrome aspect, while the floor side is dominated by the brown aspect. This living room has a very simple decoration and furniture.

fabric living room sets dfban

2. In this rustic living room, the main concept is the brownish color. The most interesting here is the window and the door. Their panel really looks vintage. The sofa itself has a harmonious color with the wall painting. The most interesting is, this sofa has a recliner.

fabric living room sets dhnms

3. With the style of modern-classic, this living room comes with the grey as the most dominating color. The contrastive is on the floor itself. This modern apartment has the classic vibe through its furniture which is the sofa set.

fabric living room sets dthsr

4. With the monochromatic style, this living room looks mature and elegant. However, the most elegant aspect in this living room is the sofa itself. This sofa is made from the velvet material. The design of its surface looks very beautiful.

fabric living room sets dtjsrj

5. In a glimpse, this living room looks like sublimed with the sky. It is because the color of the furniture is similar to the color of the wall, and the cushions color is similar to the sky’s color.

fabric living room sets fdyjsr

6. The owner of this living room cleverly benefits the nice view of the outside. The window itself has a nice vintage design. With the nuance of cream color, this living room looks earthy with the soil color. Interestingly, the sofa itself has the corduroy material that is quite rare to be used as sofa material.

fabric living room sets fgjsr

7. To give more color or additional impression to a room, you can add a color that contrasts to its surrounding nuance like this. This blue sofa has a nice contrast color to the room design. However, even though it has the contrast color, they look matte because of the sofa’s fabric look.

fabric living room sets fhmjr

8. This Prussian blue sofa looks really elegant and luxury. Indeed, the design of the furniture can influence how the living room looks like. Just like this sofa, it makes this room looks elegant. It is also because the room and the sofa have a really contrastive color.

fabric living room sets fjmnry

9. With the combination of simple color and the symmetrical shape in its furniture and decoration, this living room has a strong modern concept.

fabric living room sets hmdtk

10. In this living room, the combination between cream and the black makes the living room looks neutral yet pretty.

Like we see from some examples above, the material and the design of the sofa can influence how the room will look like. Therefore, before you purchase a sofa, it is better if you consider its design and material.

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