10+ Living Room Design for Men Home

10+ Living Room Design for Men Home –Living alone absolutely makes you more freely in decorating the house as you like. That’s why your very own home will very represent yourself. It is different if you decorate your house with your house, the house will include the character of both of you. This post will share a bit of the idea of living room especially for men who live alone.

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1.It is very obvious that men prefer the monochromatic color. That’s why this living room is much recommended for you. Meanwhile, the beauty side is still presented through the patterned chairs and the carpet.

mens living room ideas fbhgf

2. Still, we are dealing with the monochromatic. Yet, this living echoes stronger vibe through the domination of black and deep grey. More than that, the furniture here has simple frames that suit for you who love the simple design.

mens living room ideas fghjj

3. What makes this living room looks masculine is not the color, yet the decorations, especially the pictures. The sharing area for the working desk and the living room is also very suitable for men who prefer efficiency.

mens living room ideas fhyju

4. If you choose the functionality over the details, you should adopt this kind of decoration. The room size even very proportional only for the most important furniture. Whether to watch the television or reading, both can be done relax.

mens living room ideas gchhg

5. It is recommended to have the living room that has very short access to the kitchen. Therefore, if you are hungry while watching the television, you can jump fast for food. The nonexistence of partition also makes the house looks wider.

mens living room ideas gfhjh

6. What’s on your mind when seeing this design? The design of this living room is very beautiful, impress the androgyny. This living room is quite wide, yet the furniture doesn’t bulk the whole room.

mens living room ideas gjhgh

7. A very simple decoration living room is very recommended for men. To alter the simplicity, you can use the furniture which has a unique design like this natural wooden furniture. The big window that faces the amazing view is also recommended to alter the decoration.

mens living room ideas gjhyp

8. If you are a type of person who often invites friends to home, the no partition living room is what we can recommend to you. If we focus on this living room, it has a nice modern design, doesn’t look stiff and still has the beauty side.

mens living room ideas hyyts

9. If the casual placement will be boring for you, try this diagonal placement. It is very unusual and doesn’t influence much in space availability. The vintage furniture of this living room makes us cannot get the eyes off from it.

mens living room ideas vnjgh

10. What interest our attention first is the green chairs. They have a very unique design, something which is retro artistic. Different tones between the area here and the room on another side are also attractive.

From these designs, actually, the thing that makes big difference between men and women home is the decoration. The men house typically has the decorations which have sporty look.

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