10+ Lighting Design Inspirations for the Living Room

10+ Lighting Design Inspirations for the Living Room –The lamp is an essential factor in the house, not only for the lighting source but also as the decoration. Especially, the lighting in the living room commonly presents with special design. Most special than any other lighting in the house. Of course, because the living room is the face of the house, that’s why the lighting should be special.

living room lighting ideas chjuy

1.This living room is filled with many square shapes. From the wall decorations to the sofa, the linings are square. Even the two square lightings at each side of the sofa. The hanging lighting, however, breaks the uniform with the tube shapes.

living room lighting ideas gfhjh

2. Before we go for lighting, we should notice the extended wall of the fireplace. It creates a gigantic nuance and aggressively aesthetic. Two big lightings in the living room and the dining room has the different and attractive design of each.

living room lighting ideas ghyut

3. The homeowner has a good taste in choosing the lightings. The lightings here are very suitable for this Moroccan living room. Two same lightings can be placed together if one is less for a room.

living room lighting ideas gjhgy

4. Aesthetically, the main lighting area is accentuated with the circle contour in the ceiling. The combo of lighting and the round contour makes them look stunning and not faded by other decorations.

living room lighting ideas hftgh

5. Similar like previously, the main lighting area is stunning because the ceiling has a round contour. Moreover, there is a square contour that surrounds this square living room. And this square is beautiful because of the lightings inside it.

living room lighting ideas hgjjh

6. For sure the lighting in this living room is the main role. It is a very one of a kind lighting design. It is like a bird cage that ornamented with the leaves around it. This lighting can give beauty to this living room.

living room lighting ideas hgjuy

7. Crystal lighting will never fail to give luxury to the house. This crystal lighting focally accentuates the elegance and glamorous concept. It is also interesting that this lighting is housed in a square space. The uneven length also creates a more natural look for this lighting.

living room lighting ideas hjuuy

8. This vintage lighting is the most different among the other furniture. It has the ancient design while the rest of furniture is modern. Yet, the difference is the one that makes this living room looks more aesthetic.

living room lighting ideas jkkjh

9. The lightings of this living room make us want to see it closely. The design is very unique and antique. These chandeliers are for sure the sweetener of this living room. Therefore having one is not enough, there should be four.

living room lighting ideas yjuyy

10. These days, the industrial style is very hype. It presents the originality and creativity. You should be dare to use lighting like this living room. The group of long light bulbs makes this living room is very aesthetic like a studio setting.

What do you think about them? Unique lighting really influences the look of a room, isn’t it? That’s why to choose the one with a very pleasing and unique design to make you proud.

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