10+ Lake House Wall Decor

10+ Lake House Wall Decor – A house near the beach or the lake is absolutely very interesting. That kind of house is the ideal place to spend the holiday or gather with family on special occasions. The house near the beach or lake is usually identical with the big window or full window wall. The big window makes the owner is easier to see the outside view, that is the objective. And here we have several unique designs of the lake house wall decoration.

lake house wall decor buesk

1. The first lake house wall décor is all dominated with the wood, even for the floor. Interestingly, near the window, the owner put some sitting place and cushions to see the view. As you see, the wall decoration is actually very simple, because there is no other decoration except the lamps. Uniquely, in the upper part of the wall, there are decorations of paddles as the representation of the lake house.

lake house wall decor busgk

2. In this second house, the owner makes a certain area on the wall the center of attention. A part of the wall is decorated with stones and the stone themselves are unfinished, so it gives natural vibes to the room. The bird decorations on the wall are also interesting.

lake house wall decor gguyk

3. To represent that this is a lake house, the owner makes the big window faces the lake. The shape of the window is also interesting because it follows the shape of the ceiling.

lake house wall decor guiar

4. In this lake house, it is designed traditionally. You may have seen in the movie a lake house with the wooden floor and wall like this.

lake house wall decor gvmhm

5. As we have mentioned before, some owners even make the wall full of the window. It makes them easier to see the outside view and to attract the visitors.

lake house wall decor hlhwil

6. Unlike the other lake houses, this lake house has no doors for the living room. Moreover, the living room is also linked with the pool and at the far, there is a beautiful view of the mountain.

lake house wall decor isuvby

7. This seventh lake house has common design as other lake houses. It has the windows that face the lake. However, it has an interesting aspect on the ceiling, in which it has unfinished old woods to support the ceilings.

lake house wall decor kbeut

8. In this lake house, the window is very interesting because it is also put on the upper part of the wall that faces directly to the lake. However, this upper window doesn’t have the curtain to make the natural lights come in.

lake house wall decor ugkgk

9. Interestingly, this room has the octagonal shape.  So, although we can see the same angle of the view, the interior is unique.

lake house wall decor usgfk

10. Just like the western lake house, this lake house has white wall painting and it is well combined with the windows in a row.

Those are some designs of the lake house wall decoration. As we have mentioned that the lake house is identical with the windows that face directly to the lake. Sometimes, it also has a decoration that usually represents the lake house itself.  

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